RIOS was born 05.01.1998. in the yard of my friend from GB Kennels, Croatia. He was from ELI/SNOOTY bloodline. All pups from that breeding started very early, so RIOS was game tested when 13 months old , he was two dogged vs bigger and older dogs during 45 min. He show us extreme raw power, very heavy mouth and gameness with no doubt. a RIOS was totaly crazy dog. eating doghouses, chains… so he destroy a lot of his teeths. Because of that we want to match him as soon as possible, so my friend Cuper from Italy and me hook him vs imported USA dog from Carver blood in Italy. Even JOE was 1 kg heavier, RIOS silenced him for18 min. Somethime later Cuper bought CH GORING from Wermacht Kennels. He was great pit dog, owner of BIS and GIS trophy and brother to CH ALKA and CH FRITZ, half brother to great GR CH DENDY.One day when Cuper returned home, he find free RIOS and dead GORING in his mouth. When he separated RIOS from a DEAD GORING and put him on the chain, he saw few more bodys, his TESSY 1W and my great MISS YANKEE, which was supposed to be breed tomorrow with VILI ROM. RIOS didn’t care much for hers heat.
And Cuper was not in home only couple hours.Off course, RIOS broke few more teeth. Some later I bring him in Croatia and searching for most known opponent. I call Andrijin Kennels and tried to hook up vs his SAVON 1W(vs CH MAX), 1D(2 :50) or vs his CH DORO 5W.But, since vas easier to swimm across over beautiful Adriatic sea, than do match vs guys like him, he calls other people which have one famous dog from his blood. M&P Kennels callsme and we contract match for 5 min, like should be. M&P’s BOBO won ower highly regarded BONGO in 2:03. BONGO won before that BIS trophy in his first, and silenced game CH DONKY 4W in his second. BOBO is grandson of GR CH YELLOW ROM. RIOS was sick in the car and he drop some weight. Because that BOBO dominated first 15 min riding RIOS’ head, while RIOS tried to catch his chest. When BOBO slows down, RIOS in the back end and BOBO quit on his first at 0:32 and make RIOS 2 x winner. Soon after call me Staforac and his RAMBO 1W, match was set up for Pula Show 2001. During the keep RIOS had big health problems, after Antibiotics he looks OK, and I continue like normal, but this was mistake. RIOS enters weak in match and fight from bottom. In start RIOS lost few more teeth and RAMBO open big cut on his nose where RIOS bleed heavily through whole match. He was weaker and weaker. There was no turn, out of hold, or any other bad sign, both dogs stay in holds, RIOS in chest from bottom, RAMBO on the head waiting good chance.
At 1:20 RIOS falls into deep shock and was with no defense on the floor. I pick him up in 1:30 and try to scratch him. Nobody believe that he can make scratch, but RIOS shows them that he can and will. He falls down, go up, fall……and make stumbling ,deadgame courtesy scratch and grab RAMBO in chest again. Crowd was applauding, and I took him to my wet to try to save him. Unfortunately, RIOS died and like my buddy said : “Deadgame dog die, that he was a curr, he will be probably alive…” RIOS was woted Gamest in Show, and RAMBO won Best in Show . RIOS was breed only once and there is only one pup out off him alive, dam of this pup is my old CH AZRA ROM, the last pup out off her too. There is no money which can pay for this little female which I called PARMA. She is 80 days old and hot and started. I hope she will give one little RIOS in future.

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