Wood's Snooty 2xw 1xl (5)

Snooty was a tremendous producer and a dog that has affected the world of American Pit Bull Terriers for life. Snooty sired Garner’s Gr. Ch. Spike 5x, Bristol’s Thor ROM, Hall’s Ch Sugar, Edward’s Ch Red Lady, Ch Katie, Hargrove’s Spanky ROM and also the grand sire of Garner’s Ch Chinaman ROM.

Snooty won two matches, many said on gameness alone, and he did lose game to Crenshaw’s Ch Rascal. In his match against Tom’s Obnoxious Ox (4XW, Corvino/Lightner blood), Snooty was ahead at 57, when a turn was called on Ox to start the scratching. After 10 scratches, Snooty ran out of steam, at 1:39..

Wood’s Snooty was orginally Wood’s Snoopy until the registration was sent in and returned with a typo from ADBA. But, with that typo became a new name that stuck with the dog.

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