This dog was given to me at 10 months of age by my long time friend Gee-Man. Gee-Man called me up and said that he had a male that was destroying his house and had to move him and was wondering if I was interested. He told me this male was out of Lil Nardi, son of Lenny’s Ch. Beast, and Diamond, daughter of Giroux’ CH. Booger ROM. This was one of the last breedings Gee-Man ever made himself. I was told that Lil Nardi was chosen over his brother Butch as stud because he bit harder.

Gweedo, as his name was (after the reverend Gweedo Sardoochie from SNL), was brought home with me to NC and later rolled twice at 16 and 18 months. Each time showing a treamendous mouth, both rolls had to be stopped as his first was against a Red Boy dog who was too game to realize that he was going to be killed and kept scratching with a busted shoulder. His second was into a Panther male who punished his muzzle, while taking punishment to his chest and shoulder. A call was then made to Gee-Man telling him Gweedo is ready. Gee-Man asked what did he look like and I replied “he’s a bad boy” and thus his name change. His match career never got started as Gee-Man informed me that he is the last of the pure Gr. Ch. Virgil ROM / Ch. Booger ROM blood due to his father and uncle’s death and Diamond was sold and later died. So, considered too valuable to match Bad Boy was never contracted out.

His career as a stud had really never started until late as I began bouncing from state to state and got caught up with other breedings and I guess the old saying came into effect; “Out of sight, out of mind”. That in addition to the fact that I lost contact with Gee-Man and Lenny. He was bred a few times and his progeny have shown the hard mouth his line is known for. One male that I had, who was out of the breeding to Egypt, got loose at 10 months of age and ran into a match prospect I had off of Super Gnat breeding and was killed, but the prospect suffered severe damage to the head and chest.

Bad Boy’s pedigree is composed of O. Stevens’ Gr. Ch. Virgil (5X), Giroux’s Ch. Booger ROM (4X), and Adams’ Gr. Ch. ZeboROM 7X.

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