T-Bone comes directly off a breeding made in 1997 of Patrick’s Solo (Homer/Bobby Jr/Dirty Mary cross) x Patrick’s Blood Mary (heavy in Bolio blood) both brought by the Locco’s Kennel in Brazil from Mr.Pat Patrick. T-bone is the only son of this one time breeding.

I had heard talk of the breeding and it was almost by chance that I acquired him. I bought the male and when I got him, I was impressed as T-Bone was different form what I had seen, he was a well agile dog with a serious and determined expression.

I finished buying T-Bone, who was known by the other kennels, harms little tested and had 3 years. As soon as I arrived home I tested him with one pit and I was surprised with his qualities that were an extreme intelligence, medium mouth and what more called my attention to his determination; I had never seen anything his equal. From this moment my concept regarding one bulldog moved and I saw that what had in hand was something special, different!!!

As soon as I acquired T-Bone, had been issued some challenges and I looked for the best one that existed at the time, that was the Kaiser 1xw, dog who come from Mexico (Eli stuff), son of Hooten’s Hard Times ROM acquired from Mr. Henrrique Morfin. Kaiser was a hard biter and had shown his abilities in defeating his opponent in 23 min.

At 8:00 it started the first match, El Oro literally disfigured his opponent earning his first “W”. T-Bone would make the last match, but I was excited and asked to make the second match with no time to rest my body.In this fight, only T-Bone recognized, it pick-up together with others travelled 1400 km in a cage with El Oro and Guariba, 15 hours uninterrupted, also without stops for the dogs evacuation (inexperience of my part at the time). When I arrived in the place of convention 7:00 hours I was received by the owner of the Kaiser dog, smiling of course.

Kaiser with 41.89 lbs.(19kg) and T-Bone 39.68lbs(18kg). Kaiser made what all the person expected tried to define with its bad powerful footprints but it was neutralized by the intelligence and determination of the El Oro’s T-Bone, name that it acquired and that it is known until today. T-Bone finished Kaiser in 50 minutes.

His sons are no different, legend dogs that fatally will be remembered as references and that they had made and make history in Brazil. T-Bone, at present, has a total of 13 crossings. These, in its immense majority with really bad bitches, and each crossing, independent of the low quality of the females, left at least one or more dogs a one time winner. The evidence of the quality of El Oro’s T-Bone as producer translates in numbers! It already has 28 points in P.O.R. list and have 3 dogs Ch., two 2 time winners leaving him very near to the R.O.M. title.

His sons give authenticity in the conventions and are considered today, in Brazil, as Maxim point of any spectacle. The El Oro’s Kennel is proud to have learned and coexisted all the moments with this special bulldog called my friend T – BONE!

TITO – El Oro Kennels Brazil

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