stbenedict dylan (1)Dylan was one of the primary stud dogs of St. Benedict Kennels, he was a 2X winner at 43 lbs. He was bred by Barney Fife, his dam was a bitch named Cherub. Cherub was a product of breeding Devine’s Ch. Bruce, who was sired by Davis’ Gr. Ch. Boomerang out of Devine’s Patty (Gr. Ch. Art’s sister). to Brewer’s Rosie (Gr. Ch. Zebo’s sister), in an attempt to combine the bloodlines of the three best combat dogs ever (Zebo, Art, and Boomerang).

The sire is debatable, the ADBA has the sire registered as Reddick’s Ch. Peterbuilt, while Barney Fife claimed the sire to be Jackson’s Little Ceaser (AKA Warp). He said there looks, styles and weights were identical as Warp’s was the throat, but would go almost anywhere. He kept Warp for about a year and bred him to Sarah (AKA Cherub) three times, skipping one day in between each breeding. According to this breeding Dylan would be loose line bred, as Little Ceaser was sired by Sweatman’s Ch. Ceaser bred to Bass’ Gr. Ch. Molly Bee. Rosie and Molly Bee would be considered cousins as Molly Bee was by Hanley’s Big Boy, Rosie’s uncle. Ch. Ceaser was sired by Bristol’s Ch. Thor who’s dam was Pool Hall Red, Pool Hall Red was sired by Gr. Ch. Boomerang. Many claimed Ch. Ceasar to be the best 49 lb. in the world at that time. Ceaser died after winning a brutal match over James Hand’s Steam Boat, 2X winner in 1:10. Steam Boat was sired by Davis’ Chivo bred to his daughter Hand’s Gr. Ch. Candy. They were two high powered bulldogs that destroyed each other and both expired shortly after the match.

Some years ago there was a discussion about Dylan’s correct ancestry. Barney Fife informed Ben Van Houten and Peter Konning, who were partners in St. B Kennels of Europe, of the true ancestry of Dylan. Ben did not believe it, but was also angry about this. Peter appreciated the information, which made a lot of sense as Dylan blood nicked so well with both Midnight Cowboy and Booger blood. But, in a letter sent to St. B’s of Europe it told the true breeding

Well that is the story of Saint Benedict’s Dylan, maybe this will answer some of the questions around the breeding or add more questions to it. Either way, Dylan was an excellent producer, some of his progeny include Wardt’s Ch. Thunder, Carrie (who produced champions when bred to Giroux’ Ch. Booger ROM), and Saint Benedict’s 2X winner Raleigh.



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