As we walked in the front door, l was sure glad we had come. John’s wife was loading the table with beef, potatoes and gravy, vegetables, rolls, pie and cake! After she sat us down, she told us to enjoy ourselves, and she left for the day. I thought at the time that she was the perfect woman, a great cook who knew when to dissappear. lt was one of the most memorable meals of my life.After we ate, Buzz showed us some pictures of his dogs. One grabbed our attention. The dog in the picture was dead. lt looked like a butcher had separated both shoulders and stifles with a cleaver! I asked Buzz what happened,
and he said an old bitch he had got off the chain and killed it. Red and I looked at each other and tried to act calm. We suggested we go out and take a look at the dogs. John and Buzz showed us the yard. They had about 10 or 12 real good looking dogs. Most were of Peterbilt and Hanna Patch breeding from David Smith and Max Coats. We casually asked about the killing dog. Buzz showed us a four year old brindle bitch with a long dish face named Tootise Roll. He told us she was heavy Carver bred, that her great grandmother was CH Butcher Boy’s mother. We asked Buzz if it might be possible to roll her. He told us that if we had something her weight, he would. She looked to be about 40 – 42lbs. Buckshot had a bad stifle bitch off his Preacher dog at that weight. We called him and he said he’d do it as long as Tootise wasn’t an ounce over 42lbs. She was a bit heavier off the chain, so we had our hopes dashed. We spent the rest of the day talking dogs and finally headed home.smith-waltons-ch-tootsie-roll

Red and I talked about Tootise all the way back and the two hours seemed to fly. Three or four months later Buzz called and said the mine had closed, his wife had left him and he couldn’t keep his dogs. He said he would give me any or all of them. I told him I didn’t have room for them all, but if he would bring me Tootise, I’d try her, and match her, and give him $500.00 if she won. He brought her down the next day. I called Red and told him the good news. He sat up a roll with Dwight S. and a rough HeinzI bitch he had. Red came back over and Buckshot came to take a look.
Tootise hit the bitch in the throat, within 5 minutes she had a hematoma the size of a grapefruit on the right side of her throat. Red asked me to stop it at 10 minutes as it was obvious the bitch wouldn’t last much longer. I asked Red to find something over his way at 42lbs. The match was made into a Boomerang x Hog bitch named Hanna. As I was getting ready for the match I just knew Tootise would murder it. l sure got a suprise. They met in the center of the pit and went mouth to mouth. Blood was pouring and at 20minutes Tootise was getting the worse of it. l got a little worried when I realized I’d never seen Tootise scratch. At the 35minute mark Tootise got in the right stifle and it blew up as big as a tennis ball. She then bit the left stifle and it did the same. Hanna quit cold and Tootise ran a hard  courtesy scratch.

Red and I spent many hours discussing how an easy one sure turned hard. I sent Buzz the $500.00. A few months later, Buckshot and I rolled Tootiseand found where she really wanted to go. Deep in the kidneys and found a home. She was whipping the dog and Buckshot gave her some help with his Gerber. We scratched Tootise into the dog a half-dozen times and let her work the kidneys. For Tootsies second, I matched her into J.B. Clicks’ Samantha. They told me she had stopped 9 dogs in matches and rolls. Red came over and P. Browning refereed. lt turned into another tough night. Samanthawas slinging Tootise all over the pit. At 40, Buckshot was betting against Tootise. I was suprised and asked him why? He told me Tootise was out-gunned and couldn’t win. But as soon as Tootise got to the kidneys it was all over. She was in hold for 20minutes and the blood was balooning up under the skin. Samantha turned and was counted out at 1:09. She was gone before she got out of the driveway.

Red, Buckshot and I sat around and talked for awhile. I couldn’t understand why Tootise was taking such a beating before she turned on and took them out. Buckshot suggested that the next time I matched her, to let her bite a dog on the way to the pit, so she would get angry. For Tootises championship, I traveled again. We went into Brian’s Kaluha, a beautiful black Hammonds bitch, who had won one in 1:40. On the way to the pit Red held up a bitch for Tootise and they grabbed each other. lt must have done the trick because Tootise went straight to the kidneys. At the 10 minute mark Kauha was fading fast. l asked Brian to pick her up. He refused but Tootise stayed in the kidneys. He picked her up at 25 and she made a crawling courtesy scratch, but she never made it home. I flew home withChampion Tootise Roll.

Tootise was now six years old and had only been in heat once. I didn’t have much hope of ever getting pups from her. I did breed her to Sorrells’ Hard Eyes and GR CH. Badger. l heard from the boys who ended up with some of the Hard Eyes pups they were good rough ones. I later traveled to Pennsylvania to look at a GR CH Badger x CH Tootise bitch that my kids named Large Marge. She was one of the best I’ve ever seen, intense, deep game, and a real punisher in the back end. Marge went on to win her championship. Tootise died at Red’s place of cancer when she was 10 years old I am sure glad she passed my way. I owe it all to Red for talking me into a great roast beef dinner. When I think of Tootise I remember talking with Al Brown when I was about 15 years old, just getting started in bulldogs. I told Al I was having trouble finding a good one. AI said to be patient and I’d have my share.
“But Al, where are they?” I asked . “Bobby”, he said “A GOOD ONE IS WHERE YOU FIND IT”.

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