REID'S EASY (POR)This is an all too familiar story of a newcomer trying to get int the dog game. It started with W.C. Geist, as with other novices, in the pages of Richard Stratton’s books. While reading through the pages, he came across a picture of Ozzie Stevens’ Ch. Homer and after seeing this picture he decided he wanted to build his yard around this dog. After numerous attempts to purchase anything from this line of dogs, he was denied because of the fact that he was new to the game and Ozzie didn’t want to see any of his dogs wasted on rookie mistakes. Determined to pursue any venue necessary to get some of this blood, W.C. fingered through some old ADBA Pit Bull Gazette magazines and found a breeder who was offering some puppies for sale from the Greenwood/ Maloney lines in 1982. After contacting this breeder, K. Reid, he was notified that there was only one female left from the breeding. She was a year and a half, at the time, and was tested but showed to be nothing special, as the breeder said. Mr. Reid wasn’t too sure about selling this little gyp because of her breeding. The dam, Sugar Babe, was a daughter of Greenwood’s HollidayHannah, who was a sister of Ch. Homer, out of Jessup’s Ch. Mountain Boy. The sire was Maloney’s Macho, who was sired by the 1X winner in 2:30 named Dozer. Dozer was sired by Patrick’s Tombstone out of Maloney’s Dolly. Dozer was bred to Maloney’s Babe. who was the result of a brother sister breeding of Maloney’s Timmy and Chocolate, both sired by Tudor’s Spike out of Carver’s Black Widow.

When it came time to breed his Easy gyp again, W.C. called Ozzie once again. This time he agreed to breed her to his Old Charley dog, who was also a son of Ch. Homer ROM out Geraldine ROM. The stud fee for this breeding was two pups.After some finagling, and a lot of begging, a deal was reached, which involved cash and a pup from the first breeding. Now with the gyp on W.C.’s yard another call was made to Ozzie Stevens’ in regard to breeding her to a male he had advertised in The Sporting Dog Journal at stud by the name of Gr. Ch. Virgil. After being denied once again by Ozzie, this time because Virgil’s sperm count was said to be very low and the vet had him on hormones to build his fertility. Patiently, W.C. waited, and some time later called again to find out Virgil had been sold to Solo, formerly of STP, in NY. Finally, the breeding was made at Solo’s. Of the litter of eight, seven survived from a fight with parvo. Of those seven one went to the Rocket Man, named Becky, Solo got Annie and Tony H. got Li’l Abner, AKA Little Red. All were claimed to be good ones by their respective owners.

Times for W.C. got hard and he became stressed for money and was offered an acceptable amount for Easy and a son named Virgilson (from the first breeding). Virgilson went on to win his first against a 6X winner and lost his second dead game in 2 hours. Unfortunately, Easy bit someone and was shot and killed.

This was the story of Geist’s Easy. Easy produced Ch.Becky, Virgilson, Honey, and Bad Ear (who produced Ch. Virgie) from her first breeding to Gr. Ch. Virgil. Ch. Cholly Boy, Ramona ROM, Oakie, and 1X winner Miss Rage (who produced Ch. Black Pazmanian, Jr.) from the breeding to Old Charley.


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