Pit bull jumps record-breaking 14 feet up vertical wall


Watch this pitbull’s incredible leap to reach object placed atop a 14-foot high wall

If there were an Olympics for dogs, this pitbull would be a serious contender for the high jump gold medal.

When his owner gives him the signal, he is out of the blocks like an athlete and sprinting towards his target. Reaching the foot of the wall, he launches himself into the air and just seems to keep going up and up.

With a final push he reaches his goal and, grabbing his target between his teeth, lets himself fall back down into one of his owner’s arms.

While pitbulls are known for their unrivalled mix of strength and agility, this is an incredible feat even by pit bull standards – and is thought to be one of the highest leaps ever recorded.

Watch its gravity defying leap in the video above.

By Telegraph

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