Tombstone was bred by the great breeder Don Maloney. Maloney sold to R. Petronelli as a young dog, who then sold or traded him to Don Mayfield, where he was raised. His sire was Maloney’s Toot, who was a son of Tudor’s Spike out of Carver’s Black Widow. Toot was a devastatingly hard biter who had produced dogs that passed that trait to their progeny. another son of Toot who was a great producer of hard mouth dogs was Maloney’s Davis, who sired Ch. Our Gal Sunday, Ch. Cobra, and Ch. Black Sabbath. Tombstone’s dam Speedy Alan Jena, was a scatter bred bitch containing dogs from P. Sparks, H. Heinzl, J. Corvino, and E. Tudor breedings.

Tombstone was matched one time and after that one victory he was retired to stud, after being available for a second match with no takers. This match was against Bobby Hall and a 2X winning son of Bullyson, named fittingly Bullyson, Jr. Ed Weaver was putting on a show and notified Bobby Hall that Don Mayfield had a 55 lb. male open, so Bobby Hall accepted the challenge. Ironically, Mr. Hall conditioned Bullyson, Jr. at Mayfield’s house, at the same time, Don was conditioning Tombstone for this match. The match was one sided for the first hour with Tombstone on defense and Bullyson, Jr. on offense with stifle holds. At the hour mark it appears about even, at 1:09 both dogs are down and at 1:14 an out of hold is called with Tombstone making a hard scratch.

Bobby Hall concedes the match at 1:25 making Tombstone a winner in a game, come from behind effort.

Shortly after that match Pat Patrick paid a visit to Mayfield’s in hopes of purchasing some good dogs, he was offered Tombstone. Pat purchased Tombstone, but left him there until, he was matched again, which never happened. After the 14 months that he remained at Mayfield’s in hopes of another match, Mr. Patrick requested Mayfield to send him his dog. Upon arrival to Pat’s yard, Tombstone was then bred to about 15 bitches. Due to the fact that he was a long legged, rangy looking and scatter bred dog, he wasn’t in high demand as a stud. Of his few breedings, one to a daughter of Indian Bolio named Red Baby, he produced champions Tonka, Crash, and Uptown’s Snubby. He also produced Ch. Reno, Dozer, and Gr. Ch. Hope just to name a few of his progeny.

Tombstone died a few years later from heart worms, as back then the cure was sometimes worse than the malady.

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