01- Steroids do nothing to affect your dog’s ability, talent or gameness. As for a dog acting like a “maniac” this may or may not be related to the roids. Dogs can become very “difficult” when they are peaked correctly with no steroids at all. They start feeling very good about themselves, etc. Steroids can give a similar feeling of euphoria to your dog but don’t overestimate it. There is a drug that you can use on game day to give them this same effect if you are foolish enough to believe this is the benefit of anabolics.

02- There is no reason that the proper administration of anabolics will cause a dog to run hot. Better to look at other reasons for a dog running hot. Notice I said “proper administration”. If you do it wrong, well then there is plenty to go wrongin addition to running “hot”.

03- Some valiant warrior wanted to imply that humans and dogs alike that take roids have something missing “deep down” when it comes down to it. LOL. I’m a competitive power lifter and fighter too. And I’m clean. But I do recognize the false call and spoiled grapes of the drug free in attempting to denigrate anything accomplished while using anabolics. Well, you better get busier. Because anabolics account for most of your Olympic track and field records, lifting records, etc. A large percentage of baseball players, football players and some basketball player’s use. Stop kidding yourself and stop judging others. Take pride in your own accomplishments and stop trying to convince everyone that enhanced dogs or humans somehow accomplished less because they used roids. And, if you competed in powerlifting and “never lost to someone on steroids”, you haven’t competed much I don’t want to get personal but the cry of the drug free has always been a hollow one. It’s sour grapes. The drug assisted athlete works just as hard and arguably harder than the drug free athlete. If you disagree, I can post the reasons why. And a little known fact that I want to emphasize is that anabolics work better for those with superior genetics. I just love the drug free guy that has never accomplished anything saying that he could do this or do that if he only took anabolics. Chances are he could not do this or that unless god blessed him with different parents Please don’t take this personal …its not meant to insult and I apologize if I did …

04- Anabolics should not be thought of as a “game day” aid. Anabolics are your insurance policy during the keep. If used properly, your dog can work harder and recover from the workouts faster. It’s as simple as that.

05- Using anabolics doesn’t guarantee you bring the “stronger” dog. This depends wholly on the type of work you did during your keep. Anabolics do not magically make a human or dog stronger. The specific strength work needs to be done.

06- Just when I think I’ve read as many fairy tales as I can about anabolics, I read that we’ve got dogs dying younger because of anabolic use. Hogwash. There is not a single study attributing any death of human or animal to anabolics. Now, you can cause a myriad of problems by ABUSING anabolics. But remember, when we discuss side effects, we must distinguish between therapeutic dosages and ABUSIVE dosages. You will be hard pressed to find any long term effects from therapeutic dosages of anabolics for short term use. Don’t tell me about this bodybuilder or that. They ABUSE anabolics. Want proof of long term safety? Look no further than male hormone replacement patients.

07- Everyone tends to lump all anabolics together. There are dozens of different anabolic compounds each with different properties and different affects upon the body. To say that all steroids cause liver and kidney damage is just plain wrong. The simplest distinguishing factor (and there are others) is between oral and inject able anabolics. Inject able anabolics have virtually no affect upon the liver. Oral anabolics do but the affects are often exaggerated and the liver values return to normal upon cessation. Only specific compounds affect the kidneys and only rarely. Whatever the compound, kidney function, liver function, etc return to normal upon cessation of the drug if the same was not ABUSED. Even during instances of ABUSE, normal function often returns. And finally, and I’ve written about this before, your chances of shortening the life of a match dog from proper use of anabolics are slim and none. If you desire a more complete explanation, just ask.

08- I want to make this a separate point again; you will do no long term damage to your dog from therapeutic dosages of anabolics administered for a reasonable period of time.

09- Some of the best conditioners today use anabolics and others do not. The choice to use anabolics or not is like the choices between treadmills, cat mills, or road work. Kemmer always brought a dog in shape and has never used an anabolic. G always brought a dog in shape and used. Its personal preference. Both of these H&C are examples of so called “fast lane” doggers but someone made a terrific point; what the hell is “fast lane”. LOL. At the end of the day, there is only winning and losing. “Fast lane” is a bunch of bullshit. Some of the worst doggers I have ever seen can wager $50,000 on a match and some of the best I’ve seen cannot do more than a couple thousand. Competition is where you find it, not for how much. Someone started a post on another board more than a year ago trying to define “fast lane”. But I still can’t define it for you.

10- Not all anabolic compounds are created equal. Some I would never recommend for human or dog.

11- I’m losing my trend of thought so let me end it with this; anabolics will provide a conditioning edge. I like to think of it as an insurance policy against overwork. One of the worst things you can do to a human or a dog is overwork. Depending on how far you went over that cliff into the realm of overtraining, it could take days, weeks or even months to get back to normal. A good conditioner can bring a dog into the box in just as good shape and just as strong with or without the drugs. Remember, there is no suitable comparison of human endeavor to what happens in the box. To make the blanket statement that the dog on anabolics will always be stronger and in better shape is oversimplification and just wrong. There are too many factors on what constitutes being in good shape when a dog hits the box.

12- Bottom line…If you do not know exactly what you are doing, stay away from them. They can cause you trouble with moisture and weight. They are even more difficult to use successfully and properly with bitches. And lastly, it’s a personal choice like peak vs. metabolol, creatine or not, raw meat or dry feed, treadmill or roadwork, cat mill or treadmill and so forth. You want to use anabolics? Well then you can to that list of choices winstrol or deca (or any dozen of others)? 6 weeks? 8 weeks or 10 weeks? Dose? Stack? Effect on metabolism? Oh yes, one compound in particular affects the metabolism to a pronounced degree. I could go on but I’m not trying to be thorough, just making a point and food for thought.

13- Ooops…one more thing. LOL. Trenbolone acetate as found in Finaplex and administered by some with DMSO is not a rub!! LOL. First, it’s a piss poor way to administer trenbolone but that’s beside the point. It is not a rub. DMSO is known to give off a garlic type odor but if your dog is spitting out holds because of some garlic odor, I dare suggest you brought the wrong dog Or, and much more likely, he was spitting out holds for reasons entirely unrelated to the DMSO or trenbolone. This last item is the biggest fairy tale I’ve read in recent times and it seems to continue to circulate. I hope I have removed from your mind some of the misconceptions.

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