Medications and Supplements – What Should You Have?


If you have a yard of dogs, you should have both supplements and medication on hand at all times. Let’s say one of the dog’s on the yard breaks its chain and attacks another dog on your yard, you will want to treat both thoes dogs at your home (if one or both are still alive). If a dog gets into a fight, they will leave that fight with scars and wounds. The LAST thing you want to do is to take that dog to the vet. Why? Because a scarred up and wounded American Pit Bull Terrier usually means that the vet is not only going to call animal control but also call the police for “suspected dog fighting”. It’s really best to just treat your dog at your home if you know how to (you should know how to if you own an American Pit Bull Terrier).

Personally, I’d rather have more supplements than medicine. Supplements are more beneficial and safer than medication. Supplements should be given everyday. I’ve come up with a list of supplements as well as medications that you should have stocked up at all times.


Most of the supplements believe have an endless amount of benefits. I wish I could list all of the benefits but it’s really an endless amount of amazing benefits so I’ll just list a few for each supplement.

Apple Cider Vinegar (beneficial for killing bacteria, parasites, mold, fungus, etc. ACV is great to rub on wounds. ACV is great for the digestive system, skin, coat, heart, ears, eyes, nails and just all around immune system)

Vitamin C (reduces allergies, good for the eyes, good for the skin)

Fish Oil (good for the coat, eyes, heart, skin)

White Willow Bark (good for pain)

Yucca (good for arthritis and pain)

Cranberry Capsules (good for UTIs)

Glucosamine (good for the hips and joints)

Chondroitin (good for the hips and joints)

Calcium (strengthens the bones)

Flax Seed Oil (good for arthritis, skin, coat, eyes, heart)

Coconut Oil (good for arthiritis, bones, skin, coat, eyes, heart, digestive system, infections/bacteria, dental care)

Colloidal Silver (beneficial for killing infections/bacteria/parasites, good for the digestive system and all around immunity)

Silver Gel (good for applying on wounds, sores or rashes)

Aloe Gel (good for applying on wounds, sores or rashes)

Echinacea (good for allergies)

Ginger (good for allergies and motion sickness)

DMG (good for seizures, good for the bones, good for the digestive system/immune system, good for the heart, good for stamina, good for lack of oxygen, good for allergies)


Aspirin (good for pain)

Rimadyl (good for pain)

Benadryl (good for allergies and itching)

Pepto Bismol (good for constipation)

Kao-Pectate (good for diarrhea)

Berenil (good for babesia)

Betadine (good for applying to wounds)

Immodium Liquid (good for diarrhea)

Terramycine (good for eye infections)

Ivermectin (good for treating parasites)

Piperazine (good for treating parasites)

Cut Heal (good for wounds)

Nolvasan (skin and wound cleanser)

Iodine Scrub (good for skin infections)

Tetracycline (good for bacterial infections)

Clavamox (good for infections)

Dramamine (good for motion sickness)

Cephalexin (good for bacteria infections)

Dexamethasone (good for anaphylactic reactions, shock, infections)

Hydrogen Peroxide (good for applying to open wounds)

EMT Gel (good for wounds, pain, infections, burns, bleeding)

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