Barney Fife purchased a female pup from a Davis’ Midnight Cowboy X Hand’s Gr. Ch. Candy breeding and named her Sea Train, after the famous rock band. While still a puppy, Sea Train was sold to STP who raised her to maturity.

At the time Barney Fife was breeding Zebo dogs, as Zebo was showing exceptional pit dogs, when STP phone to ask who he should breed Sea Train to. It was no surprise that Zebo was recommended as a stud. Tar Heel Matt purchased a pup named Margie, who whelped Panther.

During her younger years, Margie whelped two litters sired by Tar Hill Matt’s Monzon, who had won two matches. Panther was whelped in the 2nd litter. Monzon was sired by Lonzo’s Mike, who too was a 2X winner. His dam was also a 2X winner named Rick’s Thistle, who was Big Boy and Bullyson breeding.

Tar Hill Matt had some good dogs from the first breeding of Monzon and Margie, so he repeated the breeding and produced several more pit wilnners. Some of these were Willie, Billy (1XW), Bonnie (1XW), Jimmy (who stopped Ch. Spike), Carlos (1XW, 1XL) and Monzon, Jr. Tar Heel Matt contacted Barney Fife to condition Panther and put his weight out at 55lbs., when Boss Hog picked it up.  Boss Hog came with a large boned, Red Boy bred dog, and weighed in exactly at 55lbs., Panther weighed in 2lbs. light. Panther came out fast trying for the shoulders, but the white dog was adept at holding out Panther. The patern continued with Panther trying, but unable to get any good holds. At the twenty minute mark, Panther hit the front end and the white dog was in trouble. By the 40 minute mark, Panther was putting the finishing touches on the white dog, who took the 10 count in his corner making Panther the winner in 40 minutes. For reasons unknown, Panther’s weight was never picked up again for almost two years.

In the mean time, Panther demolished several roll opponents with such speed, that his formidable reputation grew even more. At the age of six, Matt retired Panther and bred him to several of his bitches. After several years Panther was sold to Rich Cupo, where he died shortly after.

Panther sired 1 Grand Champion, 1 registered Champion, and many other winners. The best of Panther’s offspring retained the signature trade mark of this strain. They would start fast and if a dog could not avoid their charge, the Panther dogs would win in short order.

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