“Nelis” was born around 1980-1981 and was sired by Mr Bulldog’s Champion “Spike” (Hammond’s Ch. “Jo”). His dam was Hammond’s (Mr. Bulldog’s) “Jessy”. “Nelis” was one of six pups from the litter, his brother J. B. “Spike Jnr.” won one and another “Klinker” lost dead game to a son of Pieter’s “Pilot” who outweighed him by six pounds.

His brother “Trouble” was schooled and tested. Sisters “Lucky” and ”Paddy” was schooled and tested hard, and a sister called “Suzy” was said to have quit, yet when bred to Champion Willy Booger and a Rufus / Heinzl dog produced some good ones.

“Nelis” was sold to a man called Van Leeuwen. At eighteen months old he began his career and was brought back to be two-dogged by his sire Champion “Spike” and a half-brother Champion “Ringo”. He was then matched into Nico’s Champion “Sting” who was out of “Handsome” & “Hot Lips”. “Handsome” was out of “Bolio”, and “Hot Lips” out of Grand Champion “Hank” Because of a lack of conditioning, bad advice and going two pounds uphill, he lost this contest in a deep game fashion. When the match was over “Nelis” was left dying in the pit.

Mr Golden Eye asked that if he could save the dog, could he then keep him and was told he could. So Mr Golden Eye worked all night to reconstruct the dogs face and ultimately save his life. A few weeks later Mr Golden Eye came back to collect “Nelis” and were told by Mr Bulldog and U & S kennels that they wanted a treadmill for the dog. So, Mr Golden Eye built them a treadmill and returned once again to collect the dog. He was told he could have the dog, but would have to pay two hundred and fifty pounds extra.

He then started making arrangements to bring “Nelis” into the United Kingdom. As the dog was so badly damaged he knew that he couldn’t bring him in the conventional way and would therefore have to smuggle him into the country. A small rowing boat with an outboard motor was rented and the North Sea was crossed. Having had to swim the remaining part of the journey Mr Golden Eye changed into some dry clothes and finally walked “Nelis” into the UK.

At the time King Limey had a two-time winning bitch called “Tug”, who was a litter sister to Irish Tim’s Champion “Lochem”, one of the two best match dogs Jack Kelly ever saw? (The other was Tudor’s “Spike”) “Tug” came out of Curtis’s “Fox Jnr.” and Uptown’s Champion “Snubby”. When “Nelis” and “Tug” were bred the mating produced a R. O. M. litter containing Champion “Dutch”, Champion “Gnasher”, Champion “Smuggler” and “Fatso”.

“Nelis” was bred to “Tug” three times and they produced high calibre dogs in every litter. “Nelis” was bred twelve or thirteen times and subsequently produced six Champions. When inbred on his mother Champion “Dutch” produced Champion “Neilson” and “Popeye”, who in return are registered R. O. M. dogs. “Nelis” and his ability to reproduce is pure gold. You can cross it with every bloodline and it will produce winners. His inbred son Champion “Neilson” R. O. M. was bred to an English Show Stafford and produced Grand Champion “Bella”.

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