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Since I wrote the original articles on this site under the handle of Mr. Jeep, we have seen quite a bit of interest in the Red Boy line, but I would now like to take this one step further in discussion and deal with what is truly a better all around dog.
To give a quick recap from my previous articles, Red Boy dogs have been sought out for the gameness that they have been well known for, however with that said, a pure, or overly tight Red Boy dog does have its shortcomings and many of these will be addressed here in this article.
The Red Boy blood while contributing greatly to gameness in a line that also has a reputation of producing a dumber than average dog, hence the term dumb game. This becomes more apparent when higher percentages of this bloodline are used. There is also another drawback to this line when bred tight and that is in the quality of mouth that these dogs will produce. Tight Red Boy breeding’s tend to produce dogs with average to below average bite. This is something that is an undesirable trait for those that are looking at being competitive in the world of fast lane competition.
The quality of Red Boy dogs has also diminished as the years have gone on as a result of popularity. Many people today are using tight Red Boy stock that is not based on proven dogs, therefore the line in its pure form is not much better then it would have been 10 years back.

So what is better than Red Boy? How can we avoid the mistakes of those that have only sought out gameness from this line?

Today, the best of this line was a result of a cross of the Jeep blood into the Red Boy line itself. At one time, this would have been looked at as a cross, however today the Jeep/Red Boy line is so highly refined that it produces a dog that is as game as the Red Boy line, but without many of the negatives that have been attached to a tighter Red Boy dog.
So, what is an ideal combination?
The Jeep/Red Boy dog is no longer a hybrid cross, but rather a combination of the best that these two lines have to offer. It has also been refined over the past 10 years now to produce a dog that is as game as a pure Red Boy dog would be, but without the high percentages of dumb, or soft mouthed dogs that the Red Boy line has been known to produce. Another benefit of the Jeep/Red Boy line was an increase in the quality of the overall dog. You now have a dog with an abundance of gameness, high ability, and a mouth that would rate in the average to above average range depending on the percentages of each bloodline used in its pure form.
The Jeep/Red Boy line seems to offer the best that both lines have to offer in a 75/25 combination. That would be a 75% Jeep dog, with 25% of quality Red Boy blood. The higher the percentage of Red Boy in this mix brings down the quality of this line, as the undesirable traits of the Red Boy line will appear.
The first dog to truly break out and demonstrate the power of this combination was White’s Tab (ROM). Tab is a true 50% Jeep 50% Red Boy cross. Many of Tab’s first successes where dog that came as a result of breeding to Crenshaw’s Irene. Irene was a straight Jeep dog. The combination of Tab and Irene produced the first true tests of this theory. P. Rodriguez was one of the first to own a Tab x Irene dog and that dogs name was Gator. Gator made his championship into some of the best competition around in Rodriguez’s hands. Later, due to some financial issues Ch. Gator was sold to Crenshaw who brought out Gator for one more win into some of the finest that Mexico had to offer. The dog then became known as Crenshaw’s Ch. Gator. Gator was a true 75% Jeep 25% Red Boy cross.

Crenshaw’s Ch. Gator was not only a successful combination of the Jeep/Red Boy line, but also ushered in a new generation of dogs that would be based on this successful combination. Gator, unfortunately did not live an overly long life, but during his time that he was at stud he proved that he could reproduce these qualities. Crenshaw’s Ch. Gator has since become an ROM producer.

Another dog that is becoming quite well respected, as a producer is a brother to Ch. Gator named White’s K.A..
K.A. is owned solely by Pro Line Kennels, and has demonstrated in the limited number of breeding’s made with him that he is without a doubt headed towards the ROM list with ease. K.A. would rate in the top 10% of stud dogs alive today. He throws powerfully built dogs that have an abundance of gameness, above average mouth, as well as intelligence. Even in the tightest of breeding’s that have been made with K.A., there has always been a very high percentage of fast lane dogs.
Many are just starting to catch wind of this dog, and for good reason as well. The quality of offspring that K.A. is producing far exceeds that of any other Jeep/Red Boy dog alive today and at public stud. His sire Tab (ROM) is now part of the history of this breed, but because of his advanced age he has not been popular as a stud dog over the past year or so, and questions remain about his current state of fertility.
For those that have read my articles over the years, or purchased my book; “The Journal – A Book of Pedigrees” the proof is in the pudding. The articles I have written on Red Boy and his offspring have come to prove themselves correct.
Insight is one of the major components to being successful in the dogs, and for those looking to get a look into the future of the Jeep/Red Boy line, you need not look any further then White’s K.A..
K.A. is without a doubt the best producing son of Tab (ROM) and Irene alive today. He is also a dog that has a significant number of highly respected offspring that are fast lane material in percentages that surpass that of his sire Tab (ROM) based on number of breeding’s.
For those looking to get in on the ground floor of what is truly the best that the Jeep/Red Boy line has to offer, you should be looking no further than K.A.
K.A. as mentioned above is solely owned by Pro Line Kennels. J. Crenshaw himself has stated publicly to many well-known and respected dog men that K.A. is good one. K.A. is not just a pretty pedigree dog. He’s a well proven game dog that is producing a caliber of offspring that are of the highest quality that can compete and win against the best that the world of fast lane competition has to offer. Scratchliner Kennels recently became aware of this when they lost with one of their finer bitches to a daughter of K.A..


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    I love this site I have learned more on the lines of yesterday as well as current ones here than anywhere else. along with the articles on keep and conditioning this site is indespensable to novices such as myself with no old timers around to learn from