gr ch rose red

Rosie was born in a litter of four pups, two reds and two blacks. There was two females and two males. The black female died at a young age. The black male we called JACK BLACK also died at a young age in a chain accident with my BATTLING BRUISER dog. The red male wich we called MY MAN was matched and lost dead game in 2:36 to a two time winner from VICE GRIP kennels that LDK handled and conditioned. That leaves us with the last red female in the litter ROSE RED.

Rosie’s first and second win were over the border. I let R&R kennels take her and condition her as I could not make either of these shows. Her first was into Hernandes’ LOCITA 1xW in wich Rosie won in :25 fairly easily. She destroyed this one so bad she did not even get a chance to show gameness!! Her second was into Manjares’ DIABLA 2xW in wich ROSIE won in 1:24 and finished her. She showed her superior defensive abilities in this one but by 1:20 rose was finishing!! I get her back and hooked her for her third into a CH out in the desert. This was the first time I conditioned Rosie myself. Rosie is one of the hardest working animals I ever had. I could stand in one spot with a ten foot lead and she will run circles around me untill I stop her. She had one of the highest prey drives I have ever seen in an animal!!! Her keep goes well and we are off on our 26 hour ride to the desert. Her third was suppose to be into CH BAD GIRL but Bad girl came up lame or something so they payed a forfit and used a 1xW into ROSIE. Rosie finished her in 25 rather easily and this was the first time I actually seen Rosie compete. She had a style that would keep her out of trouble and a mouth that would put you behind with out you even realizing it!!! I didn’t want to count this one cause her opponent was a replacement but everyone said I was crazy not to and that I would be cheating Rosie out the win and we also had traveled 26 hours!!!! So Rosie won her third and was CH ROSE RED now!!!. I got Rosie back home and opened her weight up again. We chased CH SOPHIA for about a year and a half but could never get our schedules right and also chased CH BEAGLE for a year.

These were suppose to be two of the best bitches at her weight but they were not trying to bite at the moment so we moved on. Finally we got a hook for her and it was into 4-LIFE kennels KILL WILL 2xW – 2xK. Now this was a BAD bitch!!! She was off of GR CH WILLIE Jr to a Red Rage bitch. Everything she has ever been on was DOA afterwards and we seen this with our own eyes!!! This by far was suppose to be ROSIE’S best match. KILL WILL came out strong and cought Rosie in the shoulder pretty good, and was biting HARD!!! But ol’ Rosie never paniced and got her favorite hold under the bottom jaw and peeled her out. As KILL WILL drove and fought for more holds Rosie twisted, flipped and rolled to keep KILL WILL out and she did! It was hard to catch Rosie!!! Then finally KILL WILL slowed down and Rosie turned it up! She went in to finish and started working KILL WILL over when a Turn was called on KILL WILL. She took the count in 1:03 with out CH ROSE RED having to scratch once and Rosie never took a breath! So that made her a 4xW ! After that we tried SOPHIA and BEAGLE again. But SOPHIA was hooked for her 5th and Beagle well they just did not want to see ROSIE! So we went into the next best bitch we could find and LDK’S BLONKA 2xW 2xK (who was also chasing Beagle) stepped up to the plate. Blonka was an excellent daughter of GR CH DESTROYER that had finished her last two into top notch dogmen! Rosie came out barnstorming! It looked like we were going to finish that bitch right there than a fang was called. ELECTRIFYING Duke Wayne (RIP) who was refing told us to handle so we did. Well it was a fucked up handle and on the handle Rosie suffered a compound fracture in her leg. I mean her paw was touching her elbow! It was bad and only 3 into the show! Well now we are right away thinking about picking up but ol’ Rosie never made a sound and kept working like nothing happened so we waited… Rosie took an ass woopin for about 25 but was still working from the bottom. Then at the 30 mark Rosie was back on top in Blonka’s nose real good and was starting to look good again, but then Blonka put Rosie on her back again and started working her, now remember Rosie has been on 3 legs for 30 now so we are thinking that if nothing happens after our next scratch we would pick up. As we were talking about it it seemed like Rosie heard and got back on her feet and went to work like she had all for legs still. A turn was called on Rosie by me so we could get the scratching going, then I made a handle!!! When I got to the corner she was still struggling to get back to the action. I noticed her bone was sticking out her leg so I stuck it back in and straightened it out and let her go! Rosie took off falling on her face getting up and going hard! She made it to Blonka in 3 secs and pounded her in the corner!!! I made another quick handle and I noticed that BLONKA was taking quite a beating as well and was not looking to good. Like I said Rosie had a mouth that would put you behind without you even knowing it! So now it was time for Blonka to scratch. The whole time I am telling CLOSED CASKET who was my cornerman “If Blonka comes I’m picking up” Rosie had took so much damage with NO signs of stopping that I knew she would take her end if she had to! Well Duke Wayne (RIP) yelled out sponges in and face them, then release! Blonka did not move! I could not believe it. I stood perfectly still so Blonka would not see any movement. It seemed like that was the longest count ever but when he hit ten the crowd rushed the floor like it was the final four championship!!! In :48 min Rosie had just won her fifth to become GR CH ROSE RED in one of the greatest and most electrifying shows I ever seen and I’ve seen some greats.

Rosie was awarded GIS and BIS that night with Many old timers and other good dogmen proclaiming she is the best dog at her weight period! She was retired after this show cause of the fracture in her leg. Hell, sometimes I sit back and Think ”I bet Rosie can win on three legs” I thought that so much that I almost hooked her into DVK’S CH MISS JACKSON. I talked to DVK about it but we both agreed these two bitches had nothing else to prove and plus ROSE RED was on three legs and MISS JACKSON WAS 8 or 9 years old so that would have been senseless! ROSE RED had a style that was hard to beat. She had a very good mouth that would put one behind quickly. She was a slick head, muzzle, and bottom jaw expert. When she held one out she was hurting it! Once she got one down she would finish. ROSE RED would keep such a high pace that she would always make the other handler say ”My dog must not be right today” but the fact was ROSE RED could make an ace look like a beginner. The kicker to all this is that Rosie’s best weight would have been 31lbs but she went twice at 33, twice at 34, and once at 32. She went up in weight for all five. In all 5 ROSE RED only had to scratch one time into an apponent and that was on three legs! All the others could not come or were finished! SHE IS ONE OF THE GREATEST 31-32lbs BITCHES OF HER ERA!! I would like to thank BBZ, CLOSED CASKET, MWC, R&R, DRK, and a few others for all the help and support all of you gave ROSIE and myself before, during, and after all her shows. I would also like to send a shot out for ELECTRIFYING DUKE WAYNE (RIP) He was a true dogman and credit to this sport!! He will be sadly missed but always remembered!!! Rosie and myself will never forget him as he AWARDED GR CH ROSE RED the GIS and BIS trophies in the same night she won her GR CH title. Those two trophies will always remind us of OL ELECTRIFYING DUKE WAYNE and that SPECIAL night.

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