Champion Rush was born December 31, 19** into a litter that proved to be outstanding. In fact the worse dog in the litter proved to be DEADGAME! Ch. Rush was sired by the infamous Grand Champion Pedro R.O.M. who needs no introduction. Ch. Rush was out of my Dynamite Bitch, a little Buckskin dog that was as Game as they come from Rick Sorrells and her breeding was basically Maurice Carver’s bloodlines. Ch. Rush was a real nut case, as he would literally spend hours chasing his tail, and he occasionally caught it. He for sure was a fight crazy little dog! He was bat eared, Red nosed, gold eyes and was actually blond in color. When he sat on his house he looked like a real life gargoyle! Evil in every aspect. Not a lot of mouth, some ability, but Game to the core!!!!

His second Match was into Carolina Ron’s Xerox the Referee was Copeland Steele. Rush pretty much had his way in this one and got the job done in a short: 44 minutes at 28 pounds on July 14,19**.Champion Rush’s first Match was into R. Moore’s Castro the Referee was J. Woods at 29 pounds. This was one that came down to conditioning and heart and Ch. Rush proved to have more of both and fought a long 1hr.& 17 minutes, also winning the Gamest In Show award. This Match was on February 11,19**.

His third Match was into Steve Poole’s Trouble dog which was a hard mouth little Eli bred dog that had won a couple also. This match was at 27 1/2 pounds on December 24,19** Trouble did most of the pushing and did a good job for around 40-: 45 minutes then started running out of gas. Rush got his second wind and stopped his opponent in 1 hour and 22 minutes making this his 3rd. big win.

Ch. Rush’s fourth Match was against the team of L. Conrad and B. Taylor. They used a dog that was reputed to bite ones legs off. His name was Rowdy, and that he was. Rowdy drove most of the time after the legs or Chest where as Ch.”Rush” just chewed the ear, head, and Muzzle until it was as big as a bucket. It was very hot the day of this one and the fight drug out for 2 hours and 10 minutes. Rowdy could not go, Ch. Rush made a crawling, stumbling Scratch to win and won Gamest In Show for the second time!!!

Ch. Rush produced some good Match dogs but was only bred to a few select bitches. He died while on the Yard of Harold Sorrells from the results of a Kennel accident. He was supposed to be coming home the next week when this freak accident happened. I wish that I could have bred him a few more times, but the times that I did breed him he proved to produce a fair country Bulldog. Everyone that ever saw him liked him as he was friendly to folks but hated all critters. He was basically a Carver bred dog when you look at his lineage; I had a foresight to make the breeding, which proved once again to be the right decision. He was a great little dog. Champion RUSH

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