gr ch shep

Shep’s first match was into Keith’s Blackie at 37 lbs.  It only lasted :16 minutes as Shep went right through this opponent.  Number two was into Mark’s Billy a 1X winner at 39 lbs and the result was the same as the first match, Shep won in :25 minutes as Shep got busy in the stifles from the jump.  After winning these two it was time to go after some real competetion and it was to be Ozark Kennel’s Ch. Maxx at 41 lbs.  Champion Maxx was very smart and a good wrestler, he held Shep out for the first 30 minutes, but by :40 Shep was were he wanted to be as he was working the front end good.  At 55 minutes Ozark picked up a game Champion Maxx.

Now Shep is known as Champion Shep and the Kansas Tin Man comes along with his famous son of Grand Champion Banjo ROM, John Roach & Coy Dickerson’s G-String.  G-String had won 2 at 38 lbs. and was said to be a great dog.  The show was even for the first :20 minutes, by the :30 minute mark, Champion Shep took control and curred G-String out in :54 minutes.  After this show Rick Hihat ( The Schoolteacher ) sold Shep to Sonny Hudson for some serious bucks!

Sonny had Shep hooked up three different times, but collected forfeits on all three cards.  So Shep was retired after collecting his third forfeit from Cricket’s Champion Black Jack.

One year later we heard about Gator Boys’ ChampionMickey.  No one wanted any part of him, so Sonny decided to let Champion Shep step up to the plate, figuring what the hell, Shep has beaten four good ones already going from 37 to 41 pounds.  We have a great chance against this dog that the whole world feared, even though Shep was a bit past his prime.   Well, Champion Mickey died in a kennel accident 2 weeksbefore the show.  We were ready with Shep, but didn’t have a match.  Dead Serious was contacted and they being the great sports they are took the weight on a 4-week notice.  DSK was using a dog from Robert Kirkland.  Normally Shep was the destroyer, but he had to adjust to his opponent and go on defense.  Kirkland was handling and his dog was very fast and young and he made Shep dig deep to hold off the dog and find a way to win.  Shep wore down his opponent and then mounted his offense and put the challenger away.

Shep has proven that he was the best 40 lb. dog of his time and retired to stud.  Many challenges will come, but when available very few would chance their dog against old Shep, who dominated several weight classes.

Grand Champion Shep showed that he had incredible power and ability.  He also showed that he had the smarts, endurance, and heart to beat the best when he was past his prime.

Surprisingly, Grand Champion Shep is a tight bred dog from a three way cross of Champion Bad Billy ROM.

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