Rock Z imported a direct offspring of GR. CH. Southern’s MAYDAY ROM and Southern’s Chabelis from VA himself and when she came to heat, she was bred to BWK’s SLICK 2xW. The breeding produced six pups. The two females were called ROGUE and JEDAH and the four males were named CHAOZ, JOURNEY, JEMAAH and LOKI. JEMAAH, JOURNEY and JEDAH originally went to Doc J and Rock kept the rest. But when Rock left for the US, he left LOKI, CHAOZ and ROUGE with his group mates. By then, LOKI was about five to six months old and had a different temperament- he did not want to leave his cage and would snap at anyone who tried to come near him.

LOKI was first rolled at eighteen months against a dog from GNB. As he had not started yet by then, his roll mate did all the biting while LOKI just stared at his opponent. Because of this, the roll was stopped. But when LOKI was about to be picked up, he snapped and bit his opponent, prompting the roll to be continued and LOKI seemed to enjoy what he was doing. When the dogs were parted and made to scratch, LOKI did so without hesitation.

LOKI was rolled again sometime later against a bigger dog from Baclaran. When the two dogs met, the bigger dog caught LOKI by the shoulder and popped a bleeder. Because of this, the roll was stopped. But LOKI was furious; he started screaming for more while his collar was being put on. Still, LOKI’s handlers decided he has had enough for the day.

When the boys from untold kennel came looking for a roll with HYPE, a son of LOKI, with their dog DUBLER (who at that time was not yet a winner),LOKI was brought out instead so that he may be tested as well. The roll was made on the street and when the much larger DUBLER charged, LOKI went on defense by riding the ear. This was the first time LOKI showed any defense. Minutes later, the dogs were parted and made to scratch. LOKI again crossed without any hesitation.

LOKI was first hooked for a match at two and a half years old with a dog from the XCC camp. LOKI did not take the conditioning well after the first month and BWK decided to replace him with his littermate JEMAAH in order to avoid paying forfeit. JEMAAH won that match held on July 2006 in an impressive fashion.

After months of rest and medication, LOKI was back in shape and ready for action. His weight was opened at 35 lbs. and an opponent was found with WARCRY KENNEL’s PUNKROCK, a grand son of CH.DSK’s CUJO (the littermate of 2xW SLICK).

PUNKROCK took the lead early on and had LOKI by the shoulder. LOKI was able to break free by taking the shoulder and took control of the game. When PUNKROCK took a breather, LOKI took the opportunity to swap holds and bury his fangs deep into PUNKROCK’s chest. In a matter minutes PUNKROCK was crying in pain. LOKI then took the shoulder and dished as much damage as he could and then break both of his opponent’s front end. The thirty-second out of hold count was completed when PUNKROCK was laid unmoving in the carpet and LOKI had the pause for a breather.On the match day, both dogs came in at 35 lbs and LOKI’s demeanor changed the moment he was let out of his kennel box: he became alert, showed aggressiveness and his jaws shivered in anticipation.

PUNKROCK was barely able to stand in his corner but was able to scratch back- showing his gameness by using his muzzle as balance in order to cross the carpet. But PUNKROCK stumbled halfway and LOKI was screaming for more. Before PUNKROCK could get up, LOKI was released and was upon the downed dog, ready to put him away. At the forty-six minute mark, PUNKROCK was picked up to save his life and LOKI was declared winner.

DT wanted to challenge JEMAAH, who then already a 2xW with CH. DGK’s PEDI 6xW, 1xL, But Doc J and JEMAAH was already contracted to go against CMK’s COUTURE. It was agreed that LOKI would take over the match and the two dogs were hooked at 35.5 lbs.

PEDI might have lost to HTK’s JENNY 2xW, who at that time had claimed his first win. But PEDI past winning streak and his prowess in the box could no be forgotten or ignored. May speculated that if LOKI could not stop PEDI by the half-hour mark, PEDI would bag his seventh win. BWK took this as a challenge and remained undaunted by the hype.

As the match began, PEDI was the crowd’s favorite. He got in the box ready for war, and so was LOKI. The two canine gladiators met in the middle of the pit and LOKI was able to manage an ea hold early on to control the game. Five minutes later, LOKI was able to get into PEDI’s stifle. Instead of trying to break free, PEDI also went for LOKI’s stifle and bury himself there. The crowd went wild and cheered for PEDI. It was as if the two dogs were trying to show who bit harder. But it was LOKI who proved himself to have the better mouth that night. When both dogs let up, PEDI had difficulty standing up and LOKI was able to push him around. When PEDI went down on the carpet, LOKI buried his fangs in the thoracic area of the champion. PEDI’s eyes rolled to turn blank and his body was unmoving, so his handler opted for a pick up, awarding the match to LOKI. At the same night, JEMAAH also won his championship over the CMK dog.

For his championship, LOKI was slated to go against Mang Nemi’s KAMOTE, a head dog that was said to have the fighting style that would stop LOKI. When both dogs collided in the middle of the box, KAMOTE went for LOKI’s face. LOKI tried to go for an ear hold, but KAMOTE would not let him. LOKI changed tactics and went for the neck and wrestled his opponent down. LOKI then proceeded to mop the carpet with KAMOTE. And as LOKI went for KAMOTE’s stomach, Mang Nemi picked up his dog to make LOKI a champion in just eighteen minutes.

LOKI was opened again for his fourth match at 35.5-36 lbs. Potch and his dog TORQUE took the challenge.

LOKI became dehydrated because of the travel but still came in at 36 lbs. TORQUE was rangier than LOKI and also made weight. And when the dogs met it was war as they swapped holds and exchanged vicious shakes after vicious shakes. At that point, it was hard to tell who had the upper hand. Eventually, LOKI managed to take TORQUE by the shoulder and slowed down his opponent. TORQUE made the mistake of lying flat on his back. LOKI was quick to take advantage of this and went for TORQUE’s belly. TORQUE was in hell as he could not defend himself, he kept crying in pain.

When the scratching began, TORUQUE barely made it out of his corner by scratching slow when he was met by LOKI in the center of the pit for another lesson in pain. A few minutes later, Potch decides to pick up his dog and LOKI was a 4xW at 36 minutes.

For LOKI’s shot at the grand championship, the BWK camp made negotiations with Troy of HLK. But little did they know that they would not be going against any of Troy’s dog. Instead, Troy was only negotiating in behalf of STD and the dog LOKI would be up against wasSTD’s ELBERT 2xw, a direct son of GR.CH. STD’s BULLY BOY. STD’s ELBERT 2xW was making a name for himself after both of his opponent’s died shortly after the match.

When released Elbert went straight to Loki’s neck but Loki let loose immediately. Loki bit Elbert’s face then shifted to his shoulder and pinned him down. It seemed Loki wanted to finish the match fast.The match was schedule was in the morning for safety purposes. As LOKI was being washed, it seemed that he was not aware that he will be up against a reputed killer. He was calm and quiet, and so was the crowd because cheering was not allowed. But as they neared the box, he started to feel the excitement. He began making the high pitched cry again and he seemed eager to sink his teeth into something.

2 minutes: Elbert’s handler called for fang. The match continued. Elbert focused on Loki’s neck, while Loki bit the ear to control Elbert’s attack.

3 minutes: Loki shifted to Elbert’s shoulder and pinned him down again.

5 minutes: Elbert attacked Loki’s neck and was on top for a while, but Loki escaped and bit Elbert’s front leg.

5 minutes and 30 secs.: Second fang for Elbert was called; Elbert was in his back and Loki won’t let go of Elbert’s upper leg when we tried to separate them. After 3 minutes, his handler managed to defang Elbert. They swapped positions to get a bite.

9 minutes: Elbert looked stiff as he tried to get a better bite on Loki’s neck. As he charged, Loki caught his ear and Elbert seemed to get slower.

11 minutes and 30 secs.: Third fang for Elbert. As we tried to separate the two dogs, Loki would not let go of Elbert’s ear and kept on shaking it. After 2 minutes, we finally separated them and freed Elbert’s fang. I released Loki, he went straight to Elbert’s shoulder and Elbert still goes for the neck.

16 minutes: Elbert made a mistake by lying down. Loki attacked his shoulder/armpit area and pinned him on the side of the box then he mopped Elbert on the ground. When Loki finally let go, the damage was done. As Elbert stood up, his blood was dripping all over the carpet. Because of this Loki could push Elbert easily and went to his back. Jackson signals his handler for pick up, but the handler wanted more. Loki did not waste his time and finished Elbert on the ground. The handler finally gave up when Elbert could not fight and defend himself anymore. They picked up Elbert in 18 minutes. Loki was still screaming in his corner when they asked for courtesy scratch.

LOKI lost all his fangs because of a kennel accident and thus he was retired for stud. To date, he has produced SNOW 2xW, CHUBBY 1xW and TWISTAH 1xW,1xL when he was bred to a gyp called HAILE and CRAZY EYES 1xW and BAD SHOT 1xW when he was bred to BARBY 1xW.


LOKI was campaigned under my former kennel – BROOD WAR KENNEL. No doubt that without BWK, LOKI would have not achieved his Gr. Ch. Status today. Thanks guys!!!

Due to my respect to GR. CH. LOKI, my good friends and I decided to create a kennel out of his name; we called it “LOKI’S DEN”. Our goal is to start campaigning LOKI’s succeeding generations by ourselves. Having our own rules. And preserving LOKI’s line as the sports continue and evolve. From, Marvin


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