gr ch barracuda

It all started when no name jay went to southern kennels yard and saw barracuda as an 11 month old pup. Victor told jay that the pup had got into a kennel accident and stopped a 2x winner. Jay was impressed with the way the dog looked and acted and bought him on the spot.

Shorty after they began to show the dog off the chain against conditioned dogs. After winning four times the dog jay called southern kennels and asked for the papers on barracuda. Vic had said if they want the papers then they should start over and make him and official registered champion. This is where the career of the dog that came to be known as the “southern legend” began.

The first time they brought him out it was over before it started . Barracuda came out as if he was shot out of a cannon, and thug’s chinaman had just become the southern legends first victim. Now everyone was talking about barracuda and shortly after he was on his way to georgia for number two.

It was a five dog show that featured four champions, one of them being barracuda’s half brother ch600. First to go was cuda into ch.fatty. Fatty, a son of gr ch yellow, had the reputation of being an extremelly game dog, going over two hours twice . I knew we where going into a bulldog that night . Once again barracuda came out fast and strong and soon enough ch.fatty was picked up and made one of the gamest attempts i had ever seen.

A couple of months later he was hooked for his third at another big show in tennessee. This one will turn out to be barracuda’s hardest. They went toe to toe for an hour and fifty minutes, both dogs seemed to know that if either one blinked it would be over. Cuda found his way to the back end and at one hour and fifty four minutes soldier stopped making barracuda an official champion.

Shortly after that, no name jay, got into some serious trouble and that’s when i got the once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase barracuda. He didn’t come cheap but was the best thing money could buy. So for the next year and half barracuda was open to the world with no takers.

Then i received a phone call from my good friend the cowboy letting me know that there was this bad ass dog called ch. Big daddy that had just stopped the infamous ch. Red, who was going for his grand championship was said by many to be unbeatable. Well, ch. Big daddy completely outclassed ch red a 4x, and put on a display that had many saying he was the total package, big daddy,s owners were letting everyone know that they believed he was the best 55 in the country and if barracuda wanted the tittle he had to come north and get it. I called my friend cowboy who knew big daddy’s owners and told him we were willing to do it and bring it right to his own back yard. Sure enough they agreed and it was on.

Before that thought, there was another small matter to be taken care of. There was a guy claiming to have the dog to beat barracuda and right in my hometown of miami. Well, we set it up and in 30 minutes the 3x winner black boy was taken care of and barracuda didn’t even break a sweat. Now cuda was a 4x winner and the only thing that stood in the way of his grandchampionship and the dog of the year tittle was ch.big daddy.

Three months later i was right in ch. Big daddy’s back yard. And as it turned out, it was barracuda’s easiest contest. Again, he came out strong in the back end, front end, and 30 minutes in, it was all over. And there the status of the new legend was born. Latin force kennel’s gr ch barracuda & dog of the year 2002.

Special thanks to victor for breeding such an exeptional animal, to the cuban missing link for conditioning him for all 5 shows, to all my opponents for being frist calss acts, and also to the cuban cowboy and mike from work kennels for their friendship and hospitality.

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