TOM GRANER GR CH SPIKE 1988Spike came into this world through the co-operation of Atlas B. & Cecil M. & represented payment for the breeding of Snooty to M’s Black Betty. By showing gameness & ability in his schooling days, he avoided ending up in the sand pile where A.B. sends dogs that don’t make the grade.

At the age of 25 months, Spike met Spruill’s Pete in his 1st contract match. Petie, of Boomerang & Cowboy breeding, took severe damage to the chest from the beginning. Even though he fought w/ tremendous heart, Petie was physically unable to make his 2nd scratch at 40 minutes.

Spike’s 2nd match was against a buckskin 1/2 brother to CH. Jeep, owned by Harry H. This proved to be Spike’s toughest fight, as the buckskin possessed an extremely fast mouth & lots of bite. After 45 minutes, the buckskin dog had the slight edge & Spike was missing a sizable portion of his upper lip. The gruelling pace of the fight began to tell on the buckskin, & Spike found his way to the chest. For the next 15 minutes, Spike put on a display of biting that left many-seasoned dogmen shaking their heads. At the hour mark, Harry’s dog was unable to scratch & Spike became a two time winner.

Watson & Peeler brought their Spence dog from Tennessee for Spike’s 3rd match. Spence, sired by Reddick’s GR.CH. Pedro had earlier won in 2 hours, impressing everyone w/ his gameness. From the beginning, Spike outperformed Spence in every sense of the word. Spike was able to go to the chest & it was “Katy bar the door.” Spence stood the line after 26 minutes. Incidentally, Spence later won another fight over Hargrove in almost 2 hours.

Fight number 4 pitted Spike against the boys from New Jersey & Pig, sired by CH. Head. Pig was a two-time winner from Jarrett. Spike’s ability forced Pig to fight defensively from the beginning & Pig proved to be an excellent defensive dog for one hour & 10 minutes. Then, for the next 19 minutes, Spike literally took Pig apart w/ devastating bite & overpowering wresting ability. Though game to the end, Pig was picked up at 1:29.

For his final fight, Spike was placed in the hands of a top-flight dogman from Louisiana, — T.C. A match was made w/ an Art bred dog from Texas that has reportedly won 2 impressive fights. The setting was Little Rock, Arkansas on a hot July day. Spike found the chest early & the conclusion was never in doubt. After 30 minutes of severe punishment, the Texas dog could take no more & took the count on his 3rd scratch.

Spike’s fighting career allowed him to face dogs of various styles, in the hands of numerous respected dogmen from differing parts of the country. All challengers were faced & the final result is that GR. CH. Spike proved himself to be an extremely gifted physical specimen who would stay until the job was finished. He has earned the right to be recognized as the most successful son of the prepotent Wood’s Snooty, ROM sire & a worthy descendant of his namesake, Tudor’s Spike.

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