The Gambler purchased Virgil, at the Valley Traders Market, which is something along the lines of a country flea market, where folks get together to sell a variety of different items, many of which would not be found in th eaverage department store. One of the traders at this particular market had four, three month old Pitbull pups for sale. This fellow had been raising a few bulldogs, from time to time, but had never shown a dog, or was involved in the sport in any way. The Gambler had a partner at the time and they purchased one of the pups each, for $350.00, $175.00 a piece. The partner didn’t remain all that interested in the dogs and when the pups was about 8 months old he sold his share in the dogs to Gambler.

Virgil was a fairly easy going pup, but became almost uncontrollable when he got excited, and on one occasion, while the 10 month old pup was in a rage, tried to bite the Gambler, and actually torn the shirt off of Gambler’s back as he tried to get away from the angry pup. Gambler thought very seriously about putting the dog down, but instead decided to roll him. Evidently he liked what he saw and by the tender age of just over 18 months, Virgil became a 1X winner.

Gr Ch Virgil- 47lb class
1) NLK’s Corrupt in :22 min. (BOS)
2) Tant’s Geronimo in :36 min.
3) HGK’s Big Al in :55 min. (BOS)
4) Falcon’s Ch Dingo in :58 min. at 49lbs. During this match Virgil suffered severe damage to his front left leg and had to win this one on three wheels.
5) Crunch’s Ch Miester(4x) in :45 min.

I had asked an eye-witness to Virgil’s last match about how he looked to him, and he said he didn’t look in the best of conditioning for this match and said he looked just average. I then informed him of the damage he suffered to his left leg and the fact that he couldn’t be conditioned properly due to his leg. He then went on to say Meister’s handler was intimidated by another dogman, in the Gambler’s camp, who told them to pick up their dog, which they did. I then got in contact with the person who told them to pick up their dog and he said he told them to “pick up their dog…if they wanted to save him.”

Gambler’s Gr. Ch. Virgil was voted AGDT dog of the decade, Sporting Dog Journal Dog Of The Year 1999, and Bulldog Revelation Dog Of The Year 1998 & 1999.

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