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Chavez’ Gr Ch Llantas is off Boudreaux’ Badger and Chip’s Gr Ch Nikita. In his veins are dogs like Boudreaux‘ Skull ROM, Pollock’s Ch Batman, Boudreaux’ Maverick ROM, dogs with unquestionable quality, excellent intelligence. Many say the only thing these dogs lack is the ability to talk…

It all began in 2001 when R.Chavez decided to buy a puppy. He named this puppy “Llantas” in honor of his owner’s work today. Something that Llantas showed early was his intelligence, a very stable character, and great power.

The Beginning

At 10 months old Llantas had a yard accident. At the age of fifteen months his schooling began. Upon reaching twenty months, Llantas was open to the world. We agreed his first match against when he was 22 months old against a dog named Rocky Marciano (2xw). We hooked at 50,7 lbs against a dog who “killed” two dogs before. During the show Rocky Marciano was always going hard for the chest, but Llantas always dominated. Llants kept him away for most of the show, but when he felt Rocky start to tire, he hit his shoulders until they broke. After an intense match that lasted 51 minutes Llantas emerged victorious. Rocky Marciano (2xw) died five minutes after the match. “Llantas throughout his career never was the favorite at this shows, he was always the dog that was supposed to lose in some way, every show was a different experience of which one will always learn from mistakes”, mentioned Chavez.

At the age of 2 years, 1 month Llantas was set for his second match against a dog named Bo Boo. During the match Bo Boo hit him hard on his legs. You could see the cartilage on his legs. After this, Llantas closed his mouth hard drug Bo Boo around the pit. The show lasted 23 minutes. However, Llantas took a lot of damage in only 23 minutes due to Bo Boo hard mouth..The Square

The Championship

Four months after facing Bo Boo, Llantas was ready to go for his championship. Llantas was called to compete in Mexico. After a long trip to the Aztec lands the match was off! The opponent did not pay the forfeit so we decided to leave Llantas in Mexico as a show in Arizona was near. Llantas was used at this show at 51,5 lbs. Despite Llantas travels he was in very good condition. Llantas faced Red Jack. Red Jack was an opponent that went hard to chest. Red Jack hurt Llantas’ chest badly. Llantas was almost knocked out due to how strong was the impact to this chest was. Llantas weathered the storm, studied his opponent and not did not let Red Jack touch him again. Red Jack was a dog that could kill his opponents in one bite. This was demonstrated in his rolls as he finished 3 different dogs. That day showed why he was considered a very intelligent dog.

 Despite the strength of Red Jack, Llantas was never in serious trouble other than when Red Jack hit his chest. The black dog could throw off his opponent’s bites and attack at the same time. Red Jack always pushed very hard trying to get to the chest while Llantas went backwards beating and dancing at the same time to avoid him. On one of those occasions Llantas was riding while Jack drove very hard and when Llantas felt his tail touch the pit, he stepped to the side. Red Jack crashed facefirst into the pit, but LLantas did not release the snout. It was extraordinary!!! Lllantas did this a couple of times. Everyone in attendance could not believe what they saw. That match lasted 1:09 minutes. LLantas was now a Champion! Roque knew that he had something special on his hands and was sure it was all a matter of patience, dedication and time.

At Home

51,8 lbs is the weight that Llantas came for his fourth match. It was something special because it was the first one that took place at home in Morelia, Michoacan. LLantas only needed 52 minutes to get the the win and the Best in Show trohpy from Indian Sonny and Don Divine.

 Don Enrique Morfin was also in attendance, who years ago had gathered for the match of Bullysonand again fate brought them together now in Morelia, Michoacan, to witness the match of Llantas against a good specimen named Bobo. Bobo was a Guadalajara dog and he had 5 wins. That day was the best fight of Llantas career. LLantas intelligence was very important in this match. Bobo was a dog with extensive experience in the pit so Llantas had to be smart. Llantas worked well as he always had, hitting Bobo on the shoulder and returning to face to neutralize the muzzle.. After 52 minutes of intense battle Bobo quit. The people in attendace were astonished. It was a victory that left a lasting impression on all of the people present at the convention that day.

The Best Gift

October 9, there was no better birthday gift for R.Chavez than a victory from his black dog. On this occasion, the match would be in Uruapan, Michoacan. Mr. Enrique Morfin was in Morelia, but was not able to attend the match as his caravan was delayed by a flat tire. Indian Sonny, Don Divine, V. Romeo and Desert Rat were in attendance though. Lllantas was 5 years old at the time. Cachete (2xw-1XL) was the name of the next opponent for Llantas. They were hooked in 52,9 lbs. Months before the match, Llantas had suffered a dislocated a leg. So his keep was largely based on aerobics and swimming. No strength training. Cachete was a rough back end dog, however during the match he only once managed to reach Llantas rear end. Cachete was only able to stay in the rear end for a few minutes before Llantas picked him out by the ear. Cachete was frustrated at 21 minutes after never being able to overpower Lllantas. The show concludes with the winner to Chavez’ Gr Ch Llantas BIS – GIS.

The Family

No one ever offered to buy Llantas because they knew he was more than a dog for my children and me. LLantas has been the playmate of my son and a member of my family.

A funny thing happened on July 4, 2001 when Llantas was only 5 months old. LLantas snuck out of the house and got lost. LLantas was lost for six days. LLantas was finally found on the sixth day. That was an experience that cemented Llantas with his family and he is still considered a family member.

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