gr ch molly beeMany experienced dogmen but few newcommers know about the great match bitch “Molly Bee”. This article is intended to inform those fanciers who are not familiar and those who are in question of this great bitch. Molly Bee was a well know bitch in the Southeastern United States. Anyone who had a 44, 45, or 46 lb. bitch and was willing to wage a bet on her was at least aware that they may have to look accross at Molly Bee. This bitch could end a match with one hold and most of her matches went only a few mins. In fact the cumulative time of her 8 matches doesn’t total two hours!

Molly Bee was bred by James Edwards and sold as a yearling to H. Hargroves. She won 3X with Hargroves when he sold her to Larry Bass. R.E. Meansville conditioned and handled her for Bass and won five more with her. She retired after her 8th win but was stolen from Bass’ yard and was never recovered.

Molly Bee was an Eli X Big Boy cross. The Big Boy seem to dominate her genetic make up and was also a make up in her off-spring. Big Boy was a three time winner and a brother of Lonzo’s “Angie”, who produced Gr. Ch. Zebo and this connection to Zebo explains where the Big Boy dogs get their power and mouth from. It may also provide a clue on how to breed both these strains. Molly Bee’s sire was Felton Stephenson’s Big Ben, an Eli X Colby cross. Her dam was Edward’s Nellie, who was a cold bitch from from the Big Boy breeding. Molly Bee had a litter mate brother named Hoss, a hard mouth dog with no interest in what he was bred for. Molly Bee had three litters prior to her theft; Edwards’ bred her to Wood’s Snooty ROM and produced Groves’ 4x winner Red Danger, Brewer’s CH Red Lady, Edward’s Junk and Grover’s Co-Co, all were matched and shown well with the exception of Co-Co. Co-Co was a game bitch, who when bred to Lewis’ Satan (Eli bred) produced Groves’ 3X winner Boss Hog and Norman’s Leroy.

Mr. Hagroves bred her to Finley’s CH. Bo ROM who he owned at the time, I have no reconition of the pups off that breeding. There are very few descendants off Molly Bee alive. Brewer’s Red Lady owned by Tom Garner in 87, a bitch from the Bo breeding and Jackson’s Warp were the only living dogs off Molly Bee in “87”.

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