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    Staffordshire Bull Terrier – Rocky” was one of a litter of six from a little red bitch. Although she was never matched, her mother was campaigned by a couple of lads who were new to the game and went six pounds uphill, she had to be picked up. “Rocky”s father was an awesome looking Stafford, built the way they were in days gone by, his weight was about 43lbs fit. Owned by an old couple who lived locally, he was an excellent guard dog and I was most impressed by him. Obviously, I didn’t have the chance to prove his worth, but the look in his eye and his general attitude made me feel that he wasn’t a cur. This, coupled to his conformation and size persuaded me to use him as a stud. From about six weeks of age, “Rocky” and his littermates were showing so much aggression to one another that I felt I had bred something a little bit special. The rest of “Rocky”s littermates were sent to pet homes, complete with Kennel Club registrations. “Rocky” himself matured into a very athletic animal, with a tenacious grip and I regularly left him hanging onto his tyre in the garden for lengthy periods. If any of the children approached him, he would let go to play with them and wouldn’t go near the tyre again until they had left. “Rocky” has always loved kids and been completely trustworthy around the family, as are all my dogs. I let “Rocky” mature to the two year mark, before giving him his first roll into a 42lb Stafford. He did extremely well and stopped the other dog in 35 minutes.

    At a later date he was rolled for a second time into “Tasha”, who was reputed to be a really excellent bitch, which lasted 20 minutes and immediately afterwards he did 5 minutes with a 45lb Pit Bull Stafford cross and still seemed very keen. At the time this all took place I was “green” myself, and now I would never “two-dog” an animal, you should be able to ascertain his quality without killing him. His next roll was into a fit 38lb Stafford who was reputed to be very good. “Rocky” laid that myth to rest by totally dominating the other dog and forcing his owner to pick him up after about 15 minutes. The dog simply couldn’t cope with the little fella who weighed 33lb for his final roll. Campaign History: “Rocky” vs “Spike” (35lbs top) Although too heavy “Rocky” displays lots of strength and dominates the other dog. “Spike” tries hard to cope, but “Rocky” is too clever. “Spike” refuses to scratch and “Rocky” flies his courtesy to win in 22 minutes. “Spike” came with a good reputation and in the past had proved game enough to scratch after 25 minutes into a very rough 44lb’er. “Rocky” vs “Frazer” (31lbs top) It was very even early on, with both “Rocky” and “Frazer” having spells on top. As the match progressed “Rocky” stepped up a gear and at 1.20 was on a very tired “Frazer”. “Frazer” made an astonishing scratch at 1.40 and was picked up. “Rocky” flew his courtesy, running up the wall in his enthusiasm to reach his opponent. This was an excellent match, “Rocky” was a bit light but both dogs looked really well. I consider “Frazer” to be the “gamest” dog that I’ve seen. His owner was just starting out and made the mistake of leaving his dog down too long. For him it was a lesson learned the hard way. He is now an excellent dogman and one that I have the greatest respect for. “Rocky” vs “Gnasher” (32.5lbs top) “Rocky” dominated early on before running into a bad spell after starting too fast. “Gnasher” was on top for the next 10 minutes or so before “Rocky” came back upping the pace. “Gnasher” couldn’t run his courtesy at 1.13. “Rocky” flew across to earn his championship.

    Ch.”Rocky” vs Ch.”Marvin” (32lbs top) “Rocky” dominated and controlled “Marvin”, who was forced to fight from the bottom. “Marvin” was able to punish the chest from underneath, but “Rocky” being stronger and rangier pulled steadily ahead, and at 1.48 “Marvin”s owner was forced to pick him up, a very, very game animal. “Marvin” made a game stumbling scratch – tail up and wagging, much to the appreciation of the fanciers. Ch.”Marvin” was an excellent 4-time winner from Ireland and his condition was a credit to his owner. It’s a shame that he lost to me and then lost his dog as well, good luck to him! In my hands, “Marvin” would have been 30.5lb or maybe a 30lb dog, but his owner thought him well bred and game enough to come in heavier, but “Rocky” at his proper weight of just under 32lbs was just too good for him. Due to a cancellation on the grounds of poor security, it was some time before “Rocky”s fifth and final match, and he was now approaching his fifth birthday. Ch.”Rocky” vs “Bomber” (33lbs top) “Bomber” came in at 33 1/4lbs and the forfeit was paid. The match was even early on, with both dogs giving and taking stick. “Bomber” was a tall, strong opponent, but “Rocky” was biting hard. Gradually, “Bomber” began to lose heart and fade and at the 1.10 mark failed to scratch. “Rocky” gave a fine courtesy. Normally, I would have cancelled this match when “Bomber” weighed-in over the limit. But because of “Rocky”s age I didn’t want to put him through another keep and so decided to go ahead with the match. “Bomber” put up a good show, but “Rocky”s heart, will to win and supreme pit intelligence saw him through, even though he was giving away weight, height and youth. In my opinion, “Rocky” is the ultimate Stafford, a throwback to the Old Time, both in conformation and ability. I take my hat off to the best around at 32lbs… Gr. Ch. “Rocky”

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