Pinscher’s pit record is vague, and for that reason he has been a subject of some controversy. However, Colby always referred to him as one of his all-time great dogs, and others who were in the area during Pinscher’s heyday confirm his greatness. He apparently was game and a killing punisher. Most of our dogs have him in their pedigrees if we trace them back far enough. For those who wonder about the name, there were no Dobermans back in those days, and pinscher was the German word for “terrier”. Unfortunately, that leaves us with another mystery: why would an Irishman give the German name for terrier to a box-headed dog like Pinscher?

Colby’s Pincher was a white dog with black patches. He weighed 72 lbs. (32,659 kg), chain and better conditioning weight was 56 lbs. (25,401 kg).

Pincher beat on more than 20 dogs and never found one that could face him over 40 min. He was a working dog in the throat and chest, and his determination was only do in a short period of time. No dog that has fought Pincher and has managed to survive, and served for stud dog, or to guard or fight. His ability to hit was amazing and is rarely found in ordinary pit dogs.

Pincher became one of the most famous dogs in the world fights. Fans came from all over New England to see the great Pincher. Dogmen Boston area throughout the country seeking a dog that could overcome. They invested a lot of money fighting dogs to face against Pincher, who only made ​​them lose their dogs and their money.

The money earned by Pincher battles, stud services and the sale of puppies, resulting in over $ 7,000.00, a record hard to beat for any man and dog.

Pincher was considered the best dog catch weight in the country during his tenure. Fans who got dogs or puppies blood near Pincher highly valued and received good pay for their puppies.

Despite his fighting weight, he was a docile dog to train and loved to do. He possessed a kindly disposition and was very good nature, except when he was in the pit. Pincher lived to be an old dog, but in his later years became blind at what they did everything they could to help. Anyway, he died naturally and went to where all the good dogs fighting.


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