ch gina gilrChampion Gina Girl was sired by STP’s Gr. Ch. Buck ROMout of Vinagro’s Gina Blue Eyes. Gina Blue Eyes was sired by Gr. Ch. Hank out of Giroux’ Peaches (AKA Gina), that won over Corvette George’s Annie in three hours and thirty minutes. Gina was by Giroux’ Gunner ROM and Greenwood’s Lady Lehi. Lady Lehi had a litter mater sister called Jennifer that won over Noquiera’s Patches in three hours and twenty minutes. Lehi and Gina were sired by Maloney’s Davis; a dog that won a two hour bout himself. Ch. Gunner ROM produced several long distant game dogs, one of which was called Trip and his brother Friday, that won in two hours and thirty minutes. So, Vinagro’s Gina Blue Eyes had the heritage of some game long distant dogs on the bottom and she was sired by Gr. Ch. Hank, a dog that sired many dead game, long distant dogs. Ch. Little Boots ROM by Hank out of Sassy (Davis X Mormon Girl) was a great three hour winner. Joker, Champ and Max were some other long distance dogs that would scratch with the best of them. When bred to Gr. Ch. Snake, Jr., Gina Blue Eyes’ neice, Perry’s Shaker, produced Ch. Venom, a dog that won in two hours and forty seven minutes; a record for a Snake bred dog.

Gina Blue Eyes herself was a shy bitch, who actually lost one match in :18 to D. Holcomb, but due to the insight of Captain America, she proved to be an excellent producer of 2 and closer to 3 hour dogs. She did prove to be a extremely game bitch in her old age and went out game as they are. Gina Blue Eyes produced the following two hour dogs: Jumbo Jim, who lost in 1:51 to Gr. Ch. Buck, Ch. Gunner, who won 4 and lost 1 in 2:47, another male who lost in 2:01 to Ch. Chaka. She also produced these dogs that were game: Jeff’s Lightning, Buck, Jr., who won 2 and lost dead game to Jessie Rod’sWhitefoot, Bucky, by Gr. Ch. Buck, lost game, very game, Chopper, Miss Buck, and Jumbo Janice. All of them were game which brings us to Ch. Gina Girl.

Ch. Gina Girl was a long winded bitch, that paced herself and like many Buck and Hank dogs never seemed to get rattled when the pressure was on. A good mouth that could put the finishing touch on one quickly and completely and most of all, a game bitch from a proven game ancestry. She comes from a litter of game dogs and her sister produced Ch. King Pin and other game, long distant dogs. When Ch Gina Girl was bred to Ch Black Pazmanian (in1993 on STP’s yard) and produced 3 exeptional dogs. 2 of them were sent to Russia, 1 male – Ch Luther won 3 in top competition, his second over 2 hours like a down dog and was voted Best Dog Of Year 1997 in Russia. Luther is known for his ability, inteligence, hard mount and deep gameness. His littermate sister, Ch Bad Rosemary lost deep game in her grand championship against a male in 1:24 and died 3 days later. From what I hear she was one of hardest biting bitches of all times. Another littermate sister, Clean Mary, 1XW, is one of STP’s best producing females and many statewide say she too is one of the hardest biting females.


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