ch code porCode was sired by Grand Champion Mayday ROM and his dam was Trowey’s Nitrous off of H.O.E.’s Champion Bumper and Whitley’s Biddy. Direct from Southern Kennels.

His first one went into a dog named Red at 45 pounds. This was Team BYC’s first time putting a dog on a keep by himself. He brought Code in at 40 and red was right on at 45. Dogs were washed and the match started. Red was all over Code for the first 20 minutes. Then Code took over and a turn was called. Red completed his scratch and went on for about another 25 minutes when another turn was called and Red stood the line and was counted out.

His second one went into a heavy Jeep dog from Pro Line Kennels named Jo at 43. Before the match spectators were saying that Jo would make Code quit before the 20 minute mark. Come match day, it went vice versa. Code was in control all the way. He dislocated Jo’s shoulder in 10 minutes and caught him in the throat. Jo’s owner asked to scratch to continue and Code’s owner said ok. Little did he know, Jo’s shoulder was too busted up and couldn’t even stand. He took the count at 15 minutes and Code was declared 2X winner.

For his championship match he went into the Grand Champion Lukane bloodline against a dog named Bear 1X winner at 43. Team BYC had lost to this dog before with a dog from Krazyside Kennels and wanted some more of him with Code. Both dogs were even until the 30 minute mark then Code took over. After dislocating both of Bear’s shoulders and one scratch each. Bear fell down and couldn’t continue. There for making Code a Champion.

For his fourth Code went into a 2X winner from Gamedog Kennels, named Sonic, at 44. This dog was hand picked to curr out Code. Code proved to be dead game in this match after it looked like he completely passed out, he came back to make his scratches. Sonic was punishing Code the entire match but when it all came down, Sonic stood the line at the 1:05 mark. He was counted out. After this match Champion Code got the respect he deserved. Due to the fact that the other handler was fouling all night and Code looked dead in the []. Yet he still came out on top. Gamedog Kennels were saying that Champion Code’s win over Sonic was luck because Sonic bit his handler and Sonic was dropped hard puncturing his lung… haha. I really don’t care how you win, as long as your win is legit. If your dog stood the line then he simply was not game enough and should have been culled.


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