stp ch toro

We got Toro as a 1x winner from Donny Holcomb of South Carolina. Toro had beaten a good son of Gr. Ch. Angus named Cobra. Our first go, his second, was in Rhode Island, against  Capt. America. It went about 2:40. For his 3rd he won in about :50 min. in Eire, Pa. His 4th was in North Carolina, into Johnny Johnson. He won that one in about 2:40. After the 4th we found out he had heartworms, and was treated. We were thinking about retiring him due to his heartworms and age. Red Becker had Ch. Charley, who had beaten Doc’s Ch. Moe, a good dog that was 7 years old, he offered us 1 lb. and would come to NJ. When he did show up for the show he was a lb. over making them the same weight. Charley started fast, but Toro started to get the advantage, as he usually did. But he ran out of gas. We picked him up and he made a very game return. Tore was a very game dog with great air. Ater his two matches that went over 2 1/2 hrs. he ate right after. The times are close but not perfect.

Rick bought Toro and I don’t know of any money problems we had with him. When Daisy May was bred to Gr. Ch. Buck we knew it was Rick’s. Terrance was a very good friend of Tom Ratliff, and we had no reason not to make the breeding because Daisy May belonged to Rick.

As far as showing Toro in our back yard, you can see we traveled with him to all his matches.

Best Regards, STP

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