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How many times have you heard the phrase, “I have a dog that can whip that one”?I’ve heard it a bunch of times and will probably hear it a bunch more. Terry Townsend called us and say he bred Champion Red Rover back to his mother, “Nigerino Bitch”. He felt it would be tight, but future brood-stock. We told him we would take two of them, a male and a female. He shipped us two dogs out of the litter we requsted. The very day we picked them up at the airport I made a deal with Bill Franklin of San Antonio to buy the female. As he drove away with her I Wondered why we kept the one that looked like a Basset Hound. Fortunately, looks do not play a role in good pit dogs.

You know how some dogs just fit their name?Well we named him Rocco, because he looked like a long shoreman or a Team-ster,Little did we know he would act like one. Rocco was about 20 months old before he was ever bit. Bred as tight as he was we had no plans to match the dog, but he stopped his first two dogs in rolls and we still had not seen much time out of him. We figured we would match him. Normally we would have done what we had originally planned, but we’d lost 12 straight. Some being good dogs and some that should have never got near a pit much less in one. Our losses went from 12 minutes to two hours and forty-five minutes. We never pissed and moaned, we just keep coming back, Keep scratching!! Right? I called Mr. Beene from Arkansas. I heard he had a one-time winner at 43 pounds (19.500 Kg) that he had purchased from Mr. Waggonspat of south Louisiana, “May He Rest In Peace”. The dogs name was Red Man and he had won in 1 hour and 20 minutes over Johnny Griffith’s Fool a one-tinme winner.

I was talking with Mr. Beene and telling him we had not seen much time out of the Rocco, but that he had a better than average mouth. His concern was the fact that we had such of streak of bad luck, it was going to change eventually. He was right we. We were 2 to 1 underdogs before we washed. When we pitted, some people were throwing out 3 and 4 to 1. About 5 or 10 minutes into the fight which Red Man was holding Rocco out, Red went down on Rocco’s foot and brought him to life. Rocco bit him accross the bridge of the nose hitting a bleeder. Needless to say “there went the odds makers”. After 20 minutes Rocco started getting up in the chest and was doing damage. At 40 minutes you could tell, if Rocco stayed with it, he would win. Red Man was going down fast and wasn’t able to fight back, so Rocco started loosing interest. He would scratch everytime and grab Red Man and put him down and stand over him while Red Man would try to to make a fight off the bottom. At 1 hour and 20 minutes Red Man did not make at 15-second count but he did scratch. Unfortunately Red Man died shortly after. Very Deep game and probably dead game. The refeere of the match is a friebnd and a good dogman named Larry Keyes. He also refeered the second match. This was agtainst Steve Davis and Hickey Smith with their one-time winner Son. He won in 1 hour and 50 minutes against Nanny’s Rusty. He was a classy fighting head dog, but Rocco started getting in the chest and at 42 minutes he quit. He would have jumped the pit, but his chest had be turned to Jell-O. Rocco’s third match was against Rusty Jobe of Oklahoa. He used a son of his two-time winner Rat. There was never any question from the begining. Rocco started fast and kept the pressure up. The question was would Rat II quit or get bit down. He quit at 1 hour and  8 minutes. Shortly after the fight Danny Burton congratulated us and said “he was a real good dog,and iked his style,never shopping on aisle for two long”. The feeling of raising a pup and winning a Championship with the dog is an unforgettable expoerience, We would like to thank Terry Townsend for making the breeding that produced Champion Rocco, and keeping the Nigerino bloodline going.He has done a very fine job and speaking of fine jobs, my wife Christi for doing such a fine job on her conditioning. Since Ch Rocco,we’ve been fortunate and lucky, I also would like to think we had good dogs, but the phrase “I have a dog that can whip that one” I will never go away.

“Never Quit”, Frio Boys

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