ch wileyNow Wiley was one fantastic dog. I had Wiley and I rolled him when he was 14 months old against his brother and his brother was equal like him. I thought, I never seen a dog at 14 months old that could battle like that. I’ve never seen dogs at 14 months that could fight like that. So, Wileys grandfather was Cholly Boys brother. What happened in his fight, this guy calls me from Detroit. Some white guy. Bud Carpenter, he calls me and he wants me to come in at 37. I says, “I don’t have no dog 37 except my 14 month old dog. I ain’t bringing my dog like that up there.” In fact, by the time he called me he was 15 months old. He said, “That’s what they want, 37 lbs.” I said, “Well, I’m not bringing that dog, I’ll bring other dogs. I have other dogs that’s old enough. Three years old, four years old. You know, 43, 45 shit like that.” He said, “No we want the 37.” I says, “No, I can’t bring him cause he’s too young.” So he keeps calling me back. He’s an old white haired guy. He said, “The other guy out there, his dogs only 18 months old.” I said, “Well if he’s 18 months old, then I got faith in this dog cause this is one bad son of a bitch. I’ll bring him.” When I got there, of course those dirty bastards; now why would this old guy, I mean he was old. If he was 75 or whatever he was, he aged big time. He was old! Why would he do it? I didn’t see no connection why would want to do it. Here’s a dog I’m going into is going into his championship. And it’s double Carvers Stompanoto.

He’s a bad dog. Larry Kipton. Black guy. The dogs name was Pee Wee. All black. And Wiley was all black. Wiley’s conditioned really perfect and he’s all gun-ho to go. He’s real young and he’s whacked out of his mind to battle and he’s pointed to the day and exact minute of the fight he’s ready to get in there and get it on right now. He can’t wait to get it on. We get in there and he rushes into the dog, tries to put it on him. The other dog goes to the face and is holding him out. So they go back and forth on the face holding each other. And even though he was young, he was 17 months old. I took him in the fight at 17 months old, which was awfully young to take a dog going into a dog going for his championship. But, he didn’t know. What’s he know? He didn’t know nothing about it. What he does, he breaks loose from the head holds, drops low and that dog shot over his head, and he went straight up and hit him in the throat. He bit hard into the throat and he start rooting in and lifting him. He’s lifting his feet about 3 or 4 inches off the ground. He was ramming him and lifting him up, lifting him off the floor. Next thing you know, blood shoots out everywhere. Bloods pouring on the floor. He won’t come out of the throat, the first fight he stayed there, wouldn’t come out. Would not come out at all. Dogs backend starts shaking, he got weak and all he could, his eyes would look at the crowd, but he couldn’t do nothing because Wiley still had his throat. Had him right by the throat and he punctured through his jugular vein. He bit through his jugular vein. So, his backend starts shaking, finally he’s sitting down. Then he laid down, and then Wiley’s just working him over going deeper in the throat and they threw in the towel at 22 minutes. Their dog died anyway in 30. There’s a 17 month old dog that did that.

Then I beat Captain America and then I beat some other guy. His last name was Sonnier. Like a French name. He had a good dog, but he had to pick him up. Because that dog was just taking him apart. When I beat Captain America, with a brother to GR CH King Arthur I beat him with Wiley.

You know, it’s the idea. You’re just fortunate enough to get the right dogs.

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