o stevens ch cholly boyCholly Boy was a product of the Geist’s Easy / O.Stevens’ Old Charlie breeding. Cholly Boy was a well put together dog that seemed to favor Ozzie’s old Homer stock.

Campained by Ozzie Stevens into some of the very best from the North. None of his matches were walk-overs as all of them went over the hour and a half mark. In his first match, he went into Captain America and his dog Herman. This match lasted 1:33, and Herman proved to be a dead game dog. For Cholly Boy’s second, he went into Buffalo Soldier’s Mister, who was from Rebel Kennels’ breeding. Mister won a few before this match and was highly regarded. Cholly Boy won this match in 1:32. Ozzie was a little worried before the match as Cholly Boy had gotten a serious kidney infection towards the end of the keep, but went through with the show and even at 60% healthy, Cholly Boy came out with the victory.

The third match was into STP’s Revenge. It was set in a private location, outside on a cool autumn night. Both dogs weighed in at 46 and at “release your dogs” they met in the middle with Cholly Boy coming up with an ear hold and Revenge getting in and driving for the front end. This was the pace for a while with Revenge only getting the chest every now and then and would throw Cholly Boy and get in the throat. But, whatever Revenge would do to Cholly, Cholly would come up and do it back, but harder and longer. Then he would land back on the head with Revenge driving and Cholly steering. Both dogs were real pit smart, Revenge was trying at every chance to run Cholly into the walls to get a hold of something, but just before he would get there Cholly would steer him around to the middle of the pit. The pace of the match was real fast for two 46 pound dogs, both were moving fast and were on their feet for the first 1:20. When it seemed they took their first moment of breath, one dog was always in hold and it usually was Cholly Boy with Revenge constantly trying to get in and go to work. At the point of the fight, it seemed that Cholly knew it was time to go in and finish Revenge, so he started working the throat more and more and Revenge was becoming less effective in keeping him out. It was at this point that Cholly started to bite harder and popped a bleeder in the shoulder of Revenge at 1:27. Revenge turns at 1:30, a handle was made and Revenge goes over straight and true. Now Cholly Boy is in trying to finish Revenge in the throat and it was obvious that Revenge had no chance and Cholly Boy wasn’t going anywhere. At 1:39 STP asks if Ozzie will scratch to win, it is agreed and Cholly Boy goes open right back into the throat of Revenge. Then Revenge gives on hell of a game courtesy and was picked up by STP to go another day.

This was Cholly Boy’s third, but I’d say his most famous match was into Jesse Rod’s Whitefoot, down from J. Rod’s Gr. Ch.Midnight blood. This was one of those classic matches that sort of mirrored the Ch. Homer vs Jeep match as it went three hours, with Cholly Boy the victor. Unfortunately, Cholly Boy passed shortly after the match.

Ch. Cholly Boy would not expend any more energy then he had to, to wear his opponent down and when he felt it was time to finish one, he did.

When Ozzie was asked who he ranked as the best dog he has owned, he replied Ch. Cholly Boy. This coming from a man who has owned the likes of Gr. Ch. Snake, Jr., Gr. Ch. Virgil, Ch. Homer, Ch. Tammy, Ch. Zero, Ch. Suzy, Ch. Rastus and many others.

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