This is a story about CH Rawhide and his past. Rawhide is a red 35lb male, off of Mean Jean and CH Gatorsun. Rawhide is one of the best dogs I’ve ever had. Rawhide was about twelve months old when I (R.A. Faul) bought him, his brother Woodenhead, and sister, Ch Peanut from Ronnie Duhon. Woodenhead, Rawhide’s brother, was a dead game dog. At eighteen months old, he was put to sleep because he didn’t have any more teeth. At that point, I continued to school Rawhide and Peanut.

Rawhide was first rolled with his brother Woodenhead at about thirteen months old. I rolled them for about ten minutes and Rawhide showed real good. Rawhide was then rolled at fifteen months old with a dog that a friend of mine had. Rawhide was in control of the roll all the way.

One-day, friends of mine came over to roll dogs. They said they had a dog to stop Rawhide. Rawhide was then eighteen months old. The other dog weighed around 40lbs. The roll started and the other dog caught Rawhide on the ear for about ten minutes, controlling the roll. When Rawhide was able to get in the shoulder, it took about eight minutes and the other dog was picked up.

At twenty-four months old, Rawhide was rolled again. People came with a shoulder dog and said they would kill Rawhide. It was a good battle for about fifteen minutes. Rawhide then stopped this dog in about twenty-five minutes. These people then realized that Rawhide was a good dog. I decided it was time to match Rawhide. At about twenty-eight months old I matched Rawhide into a brindle chest dog off of Hoo-Doo. This dog belonged to J. Carroll. The night of the fight, all odds were against Rawhide. Both dogs were on weight and washed. With the dogs in the pit, the referee said ‘Face your dogs and release’… the fight was on!

The brindle dog was in Rawhide’s chest for about seventeen minutes, but Rawhide would get him off by the nose. The brindle dog would shake Rawhide loose and would get right back in the chest. When the brindle dog would show a little fatigue, Rawhide started getting in the shoulder and stifle. The fight lasted thirty-five minutes and the brindle dog was picked up.

Rawhide was matched again six months later. Rawhide went into a red dog bought by J. Hernandez and Smith for $1000.00. This dog was said to have stopped a champion in twenty minutes.

Three days before the fight someone called me and said that I would find Rawhide’s guts all over the pit. I then told them they had to get to Rawhide’s guts and that I didn’t think they could get there. On the night of the fight, both dogs were on weight and washed. Rawhide was feeling really good. The dogs were put in the pit and the referee said “Face your dogs and release them.’ The red dog got on Rawhide’s shoulder and Rawhide on the red dog’s nose. Blood was running all over. The fight went on shoulder-to-shoulder, stifle-to-stifle and mouth-to-mouth for about thirty-five minutes. There was an out of hold count with Rawhide on top. The red dog was due to scratch and was unable to do so. Rawhide had a hard scratch and won the fight, which went fifty-eight minutes.

I was told that after this match someone was going to try to steal him, but they never got the chance because Rawhide was sent to a friend of mine for safekeeping. He was then returned a few months later when things were safe for him. That’s when people around the country heard about Rawhide and he was hard to match.

Rawhide was matched another time with F. Manganize in April The match was to take place in Honey Island, Texas. Three days before Rawhide was to fight, he had a lump under his jaw and on the throat. 24 hours before the fight I pulled out some infection. Again, at 15 hours, some infection came out. Also, he had a fever of 107 degrees. On the night of the fight at the pit site, I announced that Rawhide was ill. People were to bet as they pleased, but if it looked like Rawhide couldn’t make it, I was going to pick him up because of his sickness.

The match was as follows: Rawhide a red, the other dog a brindle; both dogs were on weight and were washed. In the pit the referee said ‘Face your dogs and release them’. The brindle dog got on Rawhide’s ear. The scrathes started at about thirty-five minutes.

The fight went on for about one hour and six minutes. The brindle dog quit, making Rawhide Champion. From then on, Rawhide was hard to match. I called all over the country, but couldn’t get a match.

One day a fellow called me from California and wanted to match Rawhide for $20,000. I agreed to fight for that amount, and I told him to send the forfeit of $5,000 to a friend of mine in Mississippi. He asked for a few days and would call back, but he never did. I kept Rawhide for a few more moths, then sold him to Mike and Bonnie Lloyd.

And Boy did R.A. sell me one hell of a dog! I went on and matched Rawhide one more time. He was matched into a dog named Wedge, a 4-time winner from a Barney bloodline, and I can see how Wedge won four. He was a hell of a head dog. Rawhide couldn’t get to Wedge for about forty minutes, but when he did, Boy, he made him pay for it. At 1:20, he was on a down dog, and Wedge was picked up.

Rawhide has now been retired to stud. His pups are young, but show a lot of fire and desire. I would like to thank R.A. and Tina for giving me the priviledge to won such a fine animal. R.A. and Tina are two of the finest pople I know and I consider them to be true friends.

Also, I don’t think there is a better conditioner or dog man in the country. Thanks, R.A. and Tina, for your help and especially your friendship…and to Rawhide, the best little dog I ever owned.

Mike Lloyd

Rude Dog Kennels

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