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Her first contest was actually in the fall of 1974, when she faced off to the female named Little Bonnie, that had been bred by Johnson. Witness by Lester Hughes and many others, Honeybunch absolutely dominated her opponent and won her first contest, stopping Little Bonnie right at the 30 minute mark. Most fanciers think she made her debut in the winter of 1974 in South Carolina. When Irish Jerry used Honeybunch against Rex Byrd’s Margo, with these females weighing in at 40 pounds. B. Crunkleton was the Referee. Upon release both females proved immediately to be hard biters. Margo fights the mouth and Honeybunch gets into the stifle at the 6 minute mark, but Margo pulls her out with a nose hold. Both females then go mouth to mouth and doing some serious damage by the 12 minute mark. Honeybunch makes the first turn at the 16 minute mark. She completes a hard, fast scratch, shooting straight into the stifle on Margo. At the 20 minute mark, while trying to made a handle, Honeybunch gets a good hold on Rex Byrd’s hand. He sings out, and makes a turn! He must have curred out, because Lester Hughes had to take over handling Margo for him. The fight continues with the same pattern and “Honeybunch” continues to scratch hard at the 49 minute mark. At the 51 minute mark, Margo can stand up and “Honeybunch” is declared the winner. It was the third contest of the Rebels show in mid 1975, that Irish Jerry and Honeybunch would face Scotty Todd using a black female with a bob tail and trimmed ears at 38½ pounds. Lester Hughes was the Referee. Both proved to be hard biting and fast fighting females with very quick mouths. AT the 28 minute mark and “out of hold” count was completed with the black female down.

Called upon to do so, she did not make her scratch. Honeybunch then made a good game scratch to win. (This was actually her Championship fight.) In the same year of 1975, for her Championship contest Honeybunch and Irish Jerry would meet Charles Gray at 37 pounds with his Shedog female. James Crenshaw was selected as the Referee. Once again, the quick mouths, hard biting and fast fighting style was evident in both females. They both kept up the pace for the first 20 minutes. Shedog works the ears and Honeybunch hunts for the legs. It was a strong, solid battle in 70° heat. At the 1 Hour and 19 Minute mark Shedog is counted out on the line, she starts to scratch at the 12 second point, but just a little too late Honeybunch had been declared the winner, earning her “recorded” Championship title. Having made Champion, Irish Jerry bred her to his Trim Moody dog and to Wood’s Oso Negro. Later in 1975 she was sold to James Crenshaw and he bred her to Champion Rascal, then to Finley’s Champion Bo, then Champion Otis. When she was 8 years old, in 1979, he was sold to Rick Johnson, who bred her to Zebo. She passed away later that year of natural causes.

The dog mostly remember now as Crenshaw’s Champion Honeybunch became one of the greatest producing females of modern times. When bred to Trim Moody she produced CH Bully Bob and GR CH Weehunt. When bred to CH Rascal she produced Champions’ Sugar, Polly, and Rascal Jr. When bred to CH Otis she produced GR CH Snake and GR CH Cleveland. When bred to CH Bo she produced Champions Jeep, Charlie, Reno, Missy and Holly. Mated to these four dogs, she produced 12 Champion and Grand Champions and multiple winners.

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