ch booger rom

Giroux’ Ch. Booger was born Nov. 27, 1978. Booger was bred by Dennis McNeil and Stan Duke. At a young age of six weeks, he moved into the home of Geatan Dinelle. There he became a house dog and at the tender age of six months he started, and never stopped.

Booger was very strong and had a very hard bite. He was well behaved and made a good watch dog. When you walked him he was always looking for trouble, and never try to take a bone away from him.

Booger was then purchased by Alan Waldman in 1982, until then he had been rolled but never matched. He was game tested, and this almost cost him his life. But it did prove him to be as great as Dinelle said he was. In May, 1982, his first match was with Timothy Ian, that lasted :38 minutes. His next match was with Lefty in November, 1982, it lasted :20 minutes. His third match was into Angelo & Ashton’s Barron. At 10 minutes, his front end was down, but he went on to win in :48 minutes, this was his hardest match.

His ability as a match dog was over shadowed by his ability to produce. He was bred about twelve times and of those twelve breedings about half produced litters. Of those few breedings he sired many winning dogs like Gr. Ch. Booker out of Scarlet. Ch.’s Coco Stanley, Crush and Stryker out of Losco’s Coleen ROM. B & W’s Ch.’s Spice and Jolly Joker and numerous 1 and 2 time winners.

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