gr ch bonecrusherBonecrusher was born November 18, 1991, on the yard of the father & son team of Esau and Gee-Man, in Florida.  Bonecrusher’s sire was Golden Girl Kennels’Li’l Amos, a littermate to Shady Grady’s Ch. Cool Buck.  Li’l Amos was the result of breeding Lester’s Weazer, a double bred son of Ch. Jeep, to Lester’s Kentucky Shine, a double bred daughter of Ch. Jeep.  Li’l Amos was bred to, who I felt was Gee-Man’s best bitch, Diamond.  Diamond was a daughter of Giroux’ Ch. Booger, who was bred to Hatch’s Samantha (Gr. Ch. Virgil / Ch. Booger).  The breeding, at first sight, didn’t seem to be anything special, although Li’l Amos was a 2X winner, he had yet to prove himself as a producer.

Bonecrusher was tested and showed he was competent to be matched.  In 1994, at the age of three, he was matched into Kevin’s Li’l Elwood.  Bonecrusher showed why he was given the name “Bonecrusher” and ended this match in :14 minutes.  A few months later, Crusher was hooked again, this time into Bart’s Candyman, a 1X winner.  This one lasted 1:00 with Bonecrusher being the victor.

After waiting a little over a year, Esau hooked into Red Ron and his 4th of July dog, another 1X winner.  Gee-Man wasn’t too enthused with this match, because ‘Crusher’ was going into a higher weight class.  At the match weigh in, Bonecrusher was a pound under and 4th of July was a pound and a half over.  The weight disadvantage showed as Bonecrusher was unable to be effective and was picked up at :43, he then ran a game courtesy scratch.  For his fourth, he was hooked into Ron John Kennel’s and their 1X winner Dennis.  Bonecrusher finished Dennis off in :49 minutes, thus making him a champion.

I believe every true dogman deserves at least one champion in his life, if he works hard for it, Gee-Man deserves Ch. Bonecrusher, who is alive and living the life as a stud in sunny Florida.

From the breeding also came Gee-Man’s 2X winner Buddy McGurt, who proved to be dead game in his last outing.

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