Ch Mickey

Harry Hargroves made a breeding on his yard with Otter’s Ch. Tonka Bear ROM bred to his gyp Tramp, who was a daughter of the 6X winner Rufus. She whelped the litter in August 15, 1993. This litter was sold to Benny, of Hard Core Kennels, due to personal problems of Harry’s Mickey was sold and rolled twice at the age of 16 months and was considered to be too shy, by Virginia O. and was offered to Tony from NYC. But, Tony never went to pick Mickey up. The Gator Boyz saw Mickey rolled and liked what the shy dog showed them and took him home with them to NY. Mickey quickly overcame his shyness and by December of 1995 he was hooked into the Havana Boys at 41 lbs. The Havana Boys brought in their killer of two, in rolls, named Antone. Mickey proved to be too much for Antone and had Antone picked up at :22. For number two, Mickey was hooked into Demon Knights Kennels at 40 lbs. and their reputed hard mouth dog Ninja. Once again Mickey proved to be too much, and had Ninja picked up in :57. Now a two time winner, the Gator Boyz started looking to hook Mickey into some of the big named champions of that weight class: Millbuster’s Ch. Homie and Second To None’s Hugo. Both owners declined as they said their dogs were available only to champions.

Finally, America’s Most Wanted had a 2X winning 40 lb. available. Lloyd came out barnstorming Mickey, but by :30 floyd had turned and at :50 and wouldn’t go, thus making Mickey, the once too shy dog, a champion.

Now a champion, Millbuster’s was called again in regard to Ch. Homie, but he was retired. Later it was said that Homie was involved in an accidental kennel fight and curred out, so Millbusters became nervious about matching him again. Dr. Doolittle and T. Garner was called in regard to then Ch. Simba, but a travel agreement could not be reached. Then another call was made to Second To None to see if Ch. Hugo was open, after some negotiations, a date and weight was set. Ch. Hugo shoots across into Mickey, by :30 Hugo is trying to hold Mickey out and at 1:21 Hugo calls it quits.

Mickey died in a kennel accident on March 1, 1997, he was bred a few times on the Gator Boyz yard.

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