Ch. Pearl was always a calm and quiet animal. Very docile, and extremely friendly toward people, especially children. C.A.K was the original owners of Pearl as a young dog. When C.A.K decided it was time to start her she just stood in the square wagging her tail until the other gyp bit her! V. Camp owner of Camp’s Ch. Luther and many other great dogs over the years. Had brought over a nice little gyp he wanted see more out of. It only took a few minutes! To say Pearl could bite was an understatement, she literally pulled chunks out of the dog. Seasoned dogmen were amazed at her ability, and mouth.

C.A.K put Pearl up to age a little, and decided to game test her HARD. See Pearl was not C.A.Ks blood, and his line is known for ultimate gameness. He felt that he would have to test Pearl twice as hard! And they did test her extremely hard, by the time she finished the second dog she had shown incredible gameness! Not to mention bite, and ability. Pearl is a front end dog, but she will go anywhere. The mouth, throat, shoulders, and stifle. “The Farmer”, a well respected dogman, said that “there is no way a dog that bad, can be game!” Pearl has proved him wrong on several occasions! The Farmer had a little vendetta against that black ”Coachise” gyp. As she had basically destroyed a highly thought of prospect that he had during her schooling. C.A.K had to get rid of at least 50 dogs due to personal issue’s. So they only kept the best of there own blood. So STP came by and picked Pearl. As STP though highly of her.

Pearl’s Championship match was a huge affair! The same group who lost to her the second time teamed up with some boys from out of town with an ACE (heard that before). The gyp was a 2X time winner just like Pearl. I had seen her go before, and she was very very game, with a nasty hard “mouth fighting” style. Basically she would go into her opponents mouth, and pull there teeth out, gums and all! The betting was high, and dogmen came from as far as California, Louisiana, and Texas including the owner of Ch. Coachise. When they were released both dogs hit in the middle of the square, and for the first 5 minutes it was even. At 3 minutes Pearl gets a massive bleeder on both her opponents shoulders. The other gyp stars to worry, and turns it up, going right into Pearl’s mouth. The gyp had a very good mouth, and love’s the mouth and muzzle. Pearl went deep into her’s also. Both dogs teeth were popping like firecrackers. Shooting out across the square!! The problem for the other gyp was that Pearl will go anywhere she has too, and actually likes mouth to mouth fighting. At the 7-8 minute mark, Pearl has a given the red gyp a real bad bleeder on the shoulder, and the leg is basically toast already. The red gyp goes to the mouth hard to get her off the shoulder, and both start fighting the mouth very hard. By the time they come out at 11 minutes the red gyp has had the best of the mouth fighting. The crowd is going wild! My opponents are screaming we got her now!! C.A.K who was at pitside said. “Why did your gyp have to go and piss Pearl off??? My opponent said we coming back!” CAK just laughed and said. “Your gyp is already dead, she just doesn’t know it yet!!” Now C.A.K is a respected dogman who never talks out of turn, and it brought weird stares from the other side. Like what is this guy seeing?? Unfortunately for them he was right. Pearl started pressing super hard and fast. Shoulders, and chest. Moving in a circle biting as she went. It left dogmen staring in amazement. Especially since half of the skin on Pearl’s top jaw, and all of her top teeth were hanging off. Basically Pearl just bit her down, you could see the red gyps whole body tighten when Pearl bit her. They get a handle, and red dog to scratch. She is staring straight ahead at Pearl, both shoulders broken, bad chest and shoulders bleeders the works. She couldn’t even bend her legs, they pointed out straight in a weird salute. She falls over on her side. She never got up. Ch. Pearl goes hard on the courtesy. I said to my partner (at the time) “Checkers” who conditioned and handled her last two, “told you so!” Clapping and cheering breakout, as many dogmen there had never seen a dog that bad. Ch. Pearl is barely 3 years old and a Champion!! I will also say, and there are people who saw her say, that Pearl was in terrible Shype for her last show. And she won anyway.Pearl first show was against a gyp who was said to be super talented , and super game. The Farmer said “Pearl is done today”, and bet heavy against her. She was conditioned and handled by STP before the got out of the game. Well her opponent was talented, and game. But she was also going against Pearl! Pearl put on a display of ability, and biting that made the people there just Shyke there heads. STP decided to close shop, and I had pick of most of the dogs on there yard. Pearl was the first one I went and picked up. There were many offers to buy Pearl, which were declined including a $25,000 offer from a well known kennel. I set Pearl up for her second match which was into another dog bought just to beat her, by now a few people were starting to hear about this classy black gyp, who was a straight killer. The show was basically over in 7 minutes. Pearl just bit her down right from the jump. She was slick, and fast, but that doesn’t matter when Pearl bites you. The other gyp couldn’t in short order.

Ch. Pearl was retired due to the hardware lose she suffered in the match, she’s a great mother, and a house dog, great with kids, and even puppies. She has been bred to my “Nasty dog 2X”, and C.A.K’S Ch. Red 4x, and will be bred to the best studs available. Out of 2 pups that lived off Nasty there are 2 match dogs! Out of the breeding to Ch. Red there are 5 match dogs out of 7 pups. And CAK’s Patience, 1xw, was the first to be shown so far, and is an extremely hard biting and game gyp. So Pearl has produced 7 match dogs out of 9 of age pups!! It’s almost unheard of. I have been offered astronomical amounts of money for Ch.Pearl, probably the most amount ever offered for a gyp. As she is the bred amazingly, and is amazing. I can assure you she is not for sale. Thanks to STP & C.A.K for there help, and a great gyp.

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