Frank Fitzwater’s Goldie it is said resulted from an accidental breeding on Howard Heinzl’s yard in Tempe,Arizona. His sire was Heinzl’s Colonel who was out of a Colby bloodline sire and a Lightner “Old Family” bitch and Colonel’s dam Heinzl’s Amber Annie was an inbred Lightner “Old Family” bitch.  Most of the Lightner “Old Family” blood went back to such Old Family Red Nose dogs such as Fergusson’s Centiped, Harvey’s Red Devil, Hemphill’s Broke Jaw and Dickenson’s Tangerine.  The blood of Jim Searcy’s Jeff was also there. So, Goldie who won 4 matches was 25% Colby blood and 75% Lightner Old Family (mostly red nose) blood. It is interesting to note that the Lightner bloodline was of Irish descent and was known to be one of the gamest strains of pit dogs in the history of the game.

Goldie was labeled as a cur, something Heinzl had bred to sale and make a little feed bill money. This dog had been tried at 2 ½ years old and would not fight. Frank bought this dog known as Fitzwaters’ Goldie for $15.00, as they were going to kill the dog.

The Dibo and Ch Goldie lines were first combined by Frank Fitzwater and Don Mayfield and with great results. Such greats as Mayfield’sPit General, Davis’ Gr Ch Boomerang, Hooten’s Ch Butcher Boy, Gr Ch. Banjo and BB Red as stated before, STP’s Gr Ch Buck, Jackson’s Hank (sire of Ch Jocko and Ch Argo), even Gr Ch Mayday ROM has a lot of the influence of this combination via the Ch Jocko and Hollingsworth (Tombstone / Bolio) blood.  Also we should not forget the Eli (heavy Dibo) / Snooty ROM (Ch Goldie / Dibo ) crosses which has yielded such aces as Ch Chinaman, Gr Ch Bo, Gr Ch Spike and the yard of champions owned by the Viera Bros.on the west coast.Fitzwater’s Ch. Goldie proved and validated his pedigree in the able hands of Mayfield in one match by scratching an incredible 24 times and winning the show. His offspring include Klaus Zeke ( the sire of Indian Bolio ROM and Sorrells’ BULL) and his litter sister Womack’s Mert (dam of Carver’s Miss Spike who produced Gr Ch Boomerang, Ch Fox, Ch Nell, Art’s Missy; also dam of Stockton’s Ch Big Liz the dam of Hooten’s Ch Butcher Boy, from whom such as Gr Ch Banjo and Gr Ch BB Red descended when the blood was combined with that of Art’s Missy).

Pat Patrick has been having continued success with Dibo / Goldie crosses over the years and still continues to produce competitive gamedogs. However many do not realise that Don Mayfield was one of the originators of this potent cross and deserves due credit. An interesting fact is that the “great California ear dog”, McCaw’s Ch Going Light Barney, was defeated by Van Parkman’s Pistol a Dibo / Goldie cross dog, which took all Barney had to dish out and caused Barney to quit as his gameness apparently frustrated the California destroyer.

By Mr.Cool in the interest of those who do not know.

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