Castillo Troll ROM

Troll was born and raised on the yard of the famous breeder Ozzie Stevens. Ozzie bred his 2X winner Zera, daughter of Ch. Zero, to Red Rhode’s 2X winner Amos, who was a son of Gr. Ch. Virgil ROM.

Troll was rolled once and looked very good, but unfortunately broke his hangers in his schooling. To make matters worse he had the bad habit of chewing on rocks and his chain, thus dulling all of his teeth making it improbable for him to be matched. He was bred to a few gyps on Ozzies’ yard.

At around the age of 3, Troll was sold to Ron Castillo who kept him for a few more years until finally selling Troll to Pit Magic Kennels.

Troll sired Ch. Waldo out of O. Stevens’ Butterfly (Carver blood), Ch. Tyrone, Ch. Ozzie, and Gr. Ch. Krueger out of O. Stevens’Ramona ROM.

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