ch spice

Spice, his mother Carrie, who won twice in short order and had been open for 1 1/2 years without no takers. A week before her first she was rat-poisoned by a lunatic in the neighborhood who’d killed several other pets. Carrie was kept in a dark room for 24 hours and surprisingly survived. During her second keep she was bitten in the chest by a big bulldog. Her tissue was badly damaged, but it was decided to continue the keep. Although she won both on heart, it was decided that this was the last time to match a dog who’s not in perfect health!

Some months later B&W was challenged to match into Rebel Yell, who beat King Limey’s Ch. Alligator. Alligator had won previously over C&C’s Ch. Sunny, a four time winner. Spice had Rebel under pressure right from right from the start and could not play his game. After some 30 minutes, Rebel’s strength was fading, but was still willing to go. At :45 he was picked up.Carrie was bred to Giroux’ Ch. Booger ROM for the first time in 1985. Three dogs out of this litter was tested: B&W’s Ch.Jolly Joker, Highlander’s Oz (2XW) and Miss Piggy (2XW). From the repeat breeding came: B&W Ch. Spice, Wynen’s Angie (1XW) and B&W’s Nancy who won one and lost one. Spice was hardly rolled when we were asked to match him into a grandson of Bristol’s Ch. Thor ROM going for his championship. What happened was that their worst nightmare came alive, Spice was another dog than what they expected. It could have been :17, but ended in :30 minutes, when their handler conceeded the match.

His last opponent, Buzz a one-time winner, was voted gamest in show at a convention of 3. He was also picked up and did not move when his turn to make his courtesy scratch.

In all three, Spice never had been in any serious trouble, which tells you something about his quality. He is a true representative of his pedigree as a result of breeding best to best.

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