ch badgerBadger was a very impressive individual; he was very fiery even as a young dog. His first roll was on a dog that was supposed to have been match caliber. We didn’t learn about that information until later. This man brought this dog over thinking he was going to accomplish something by going on our young inexperienced dogs. Badger hit him in the middle of the pit and buried up in his stifle. Badger had the dog looking around as if to say, “how in the hell am I going to get him out?” We broke the dogs and asked them if they wanted to scratch their dog. They said they knew their dog would, picked him up and put him in the truck. We never did hear anymore about their match caliber dog. From then on out nothing could stay with our Badger Boy. Time went on and nothing was ever done with Badger. It was not until he was 4 years old that he started his career. B. Chancey took him and matched him into W. Potters’ Sputnik, a Saloon breeding. They said Sputnik had been three dogged and was a real good one. It was hard to tell just how good he was seeing how Badger took him in :23. It looked as though the dog had been shot with buckshot. His second fight was against Cherokee Kennel’s Mcgiver, a 1X winner over Irish Jerry. Me and Jr. had been bullshitting back and forth to one another about what our dogs were going to do to one another. He had never heard of Bloodliner’s before, being that we are a low keyed group. I feel that after Jr. made a couple of phone calls he knew he was in for a good one. Sure enough, when the dogs hit Badger took him down. Mcgiver was as slick as they come. Every time Badger would get a hold, Mcgiver was able to hold him off with nose holds to the point of causing a bleeder in Badgers mouth, Mcgiver used it to his advantage but Badger never let up. He continued forward showing no signs of fatigue. He stopped Mcgiver at :37. After the fight, Badger got gang green inside of his right lip, making it difficult for us to try for his Championship. We decided to go for his Championship at the age of 5 ½ years against Head Hunter’s Kumate. Kumate was a very strong dog, originally a weight pull dog. Regardless, very strong. Badger hit a bleeder in Kumate’s stifle right off the bat, then went to a throat hold, keeping Kumate up in the air for several minutes. Badger ran hot after that, but came back to stop Kumate at :33 making him our first Champion. Umm, what a feeling! We decided to go for his fourth. A small group was using a dog which was bred off of Newton’s Riley, a rough, hard biting dog that had been known to kill a couple. Man, were their egos high on this dog, they thought they had us whipped before the fight even got started. But low and behold, old Badger took what he had to offer and to their astonishment Badger made Rile cur like we’d never seen before. Tail tucked between his legs, screaming like he was being beat like a red headed step child! Man, did it get quiet after that one. We took our tired dog home and patched him up, thinking to ourselves this is his last one. But for some reason, after time went by and all the cuts had healed up, we got a notion to try for his Grand Championship. We weren’t completely convinced of trying it being that Badger was over 7 years old. We heard that Headhunter Kennels wanted revenge because we stopped his Kumate dog. He had a son off his GR CH Solution dog named Solution II. Tall, well built, but most of all his age. He was about 2 years old. The old man against the young man. Head Hunter was having trouble making weight. He was a pound over and we weren’t going to give in. We asked him if he would walk his dog to try to take some off. He was able to take off half a pound . We collected half the forfeit and went ahead with the match. Man, was this dog strong! He pushed Badger from one side of the pit to the other. This was something that no other dog had done before; man did he have us worried. Badger never let up though, he just kept coming. He made Solution II stop at just :22, making Badger a Grand Champion. Our first Champion, and Grand Champion. We are really excited about his accomplishments, how he overcame the odds. Starting out at the age of four and ending at the age of seven.

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