John, the name of a dog who went with his owner to top of the pyramid. Gr Ch John was born in the month of July along with 3 males and two females, the total was six pups out of CH Djavo (POR) and Cica (POR) from their second breeding. John he was the runt of the litter and behaved very strangely, never playing with the other pups and was very quiet. His owner, Mosa, knew that there was something special in this pup which would drive him to be something great in the future. At a young age John always had a weird look on his face whenever he looked at something, his previous owner said whenever John gave that look it was if to say “You can put my back against the wall against everything and I will do more than you expect.”

When John reached 6 months of age, a prospect female (his half sister) got loose and they had a yard accident. John did not think twice before he caught her and showed his now famous throat bite. This was the first time John ever had contact with another dog and from then on Mosa knew that John had an extremely killer bite. In 2004. Abdullah Al-Mukaimy took his first vist to Serbia, his mission was to get a dog with a Champion title. This was the best trip of his life, the group saw many dogs, and were impressed by the high ability of the balkan dogs and most important was the first meeting with the prospect called John. Abullah fell in love with John the moment he saw him, impressed by his strong build and muscular body of the dog at this time John was 11 months old and a deal was made and John now belonged to the A.B.Ks. The first meeting between Mosa and Abdullah went perfect, Mosa telling about John and repeating that he thought the dog’s strange behavior meant there was a secret ability deep inside this dog and it would be discovered in the near future, Abdullah was impressed and the deal was done and John was left with Mosa due to circumstances that prevented Abdullah from taking John to Kuwait.

During the late months of 2004, Mosa decided to put John in his first real roll. Mosa put John through some easy exercises to get his blood going and during the first days of tainging it was like John knew what was coming and he always pushed hard. The time came and a great 1xw redboy/jocko dog entered the ring with John. The first few minutes were hard on John as the opponent was faster, stronger, and more experienced. The opponent pushed John into the corner and worked the stifle. John had no previous experience in the box but he was a quick thinker, going to the muzzle and face to pull the dog out of his stifle and he did so perfectly. Both dogs went on to scratch, now it was time to see how hard John would scratch with bleeding legs. After the count started John went like a rocket straight to the stifle of the other dog, showing him that he can do even more damage than what was done to him. The fighting continued for 3 minutes without a break, causing bad bleeding in the opponent’s back legs. On the next scratch John rocketed into the throat, his most favorite hold, and he never let go, until the owner of the other dog decided to pick up. John always attacked the throat hard, Mosa used to call it the “Storm attack” His second roll was 4 months after the first one, by that time John was 1 year and 3 months old. This time he went into a bolio dog who was 2 kilos (about 4 pounds) heavier. This time when it started John had it all the way from the beginning to the end as he killed the bolio dog in 21 minutes. We believe this roll gave John the perfect confidence in his soul! Mosa was so excited to contact Abdullah and tell him how incredible John was. His final roll came against a champion dog from the yellow bloodline. This was the hardest test yet. Both dogs have great abilities and the Champion dog was better the first 6 minutes but in the end John defeated the dog as he had the others. As long as Mosa had belief in the dog he asked Abdullah to contract him in the balkans. His first match came against a hard dog…Cveta’s Billy 1xw at the weight of 19.5 kilos (about 43 pounds). The match started and both dogs were tremendous and came out strong. John trying to work the stifle, the other dog working the shoulder and front feet. This hard attack didn’t last long as john worked the nose and muzzle and had him bleeding bad, the John shot to the throat in his “Storm attack” his favorite bite and he continued the hold lasting for about 8 minutes. This was when the match ended at 22 minutes with the opponent bleeding badly from the throat.

The second match was contracted in the first half of 2006. Abdullah confirmed the match and gave Mosa the green light. This time John was going into a hard two time winner. The opponent called Vraza 2xW belonging to Baka. The weight agreed on was 19.2 kilos (about 42.25 pounds). The match started and the opponent this time had a harsh body and defensive fighting style. Mosa was afraid John wouldn’t know what to do with a defensive dog, but John proved he fears nothing. The match went the first 10 minutes with John trying to get the chest but Vraza held him out. At 11 minutes Vraza got into the stifle but John pulled him out easily. John had been biting the tail of his opponent to free himself, this amazed the audience and made us laugh when we watched the fight. At the 13th minute John had a good hard hold on the leg of Vraza the switched to the throat, and working it HARD. The matched ended and the opponent died a few minutes after the match, the time on the match was 18 minutes. After this second match, John had a great name in the Balkans, especially Serbia. We collected a few forfeits from different kennels when they found out they were going into John. Then the third match was conceputalized. This time Mosa contracted a one time winner dog at 19.4 kilos (about 42 2/3 pounds) the dog’s name was Vucinic’s Billy. Unfortunately, 23 days before the match, Mosa’s dog got sick and couldn’t be matched. So Mosa used John in the match, Abdullah and Mosa agreed to match and train him for 20 days to make weight for the match. When the match started John wasn’t in his best condition. The first 15 minutes was even between the two dogs and John started looking for a chance at the throat. John finally caught the throat at 19 minutes and held it until he killed his opponent at the 25 minute mark. The match ended at 25 minutes and John won his Champion title. In the second half of 2007, Abdullah agreed to a contract for 19.5 kilos (about 43 pounds) and he had to get Ch. John from Serbia at this time Ch John was almost 5 years old. In this match Ch. John would be going into a Thor (ROM) x Villi (ROM) bred dog from Captain’s breeding, the forfeit money was put up and the match agreed to between Jassim’s Ricko and A.B.K.’s Ch John. As the time came Ch. John was in in the best shape he had ever been in, in Abdullah’s hands and when the match started Ch John was a wild dog attacking not only the throat but the whole body! Ch. John continued this relentless attack for 11 minutes, and had hit several BAD bleeders in Ricko forcing his handler to pick him up, giving the match up to Ch. John now a 4xW. The last match was a year after his fourth, this was to be Ch John’s hardest match as his age had risen to 6 years. This match Ch. John would be going into a double bred Frenky x Mayday bred dog, who was said to be a rough head dog. The keep didn’t go as well as Ch John didn’t want to work as he did for his last match and Abdullah couldn’t figure out the reason behind this, but whatever the reason Ch John sure wasn’t gonna make winning his Grand Champion title easy on himself.

The match started and the opponent was as advertised and stuck to Ch John’s face hard, with Ch John catching the back legs whenever he could, getting in the stifle. Ch. John pulled away and had the fight well in hand by the 20 minute mark, but the owner of the other dog refused to pick up, the owner finally decided to pick his dog up at the 44 minute mark but the dog was completely destroyed by this time. This was the best day ever for Abdullah, the occasion where John earned his Grand Champion title! A year later, Abdullah decided to contract Gr Ch John again this time against Ch. Assassin 4xW. But they couldn’t make this match happen for several reasons the place, the time, and the weight. But Abdullah decided to travel to Bahrain to make the match happen, but Ch Assassin was already hooked into another match. So Abdullah decided to breed Gr Ch. John to the best females he could get and he did many great breedings but unfortunately, most of the pups did not survive. Gr Ch John was bred to A.B.K’s Solvenia (Blinky x Snooty x Mozes) bloodline the result was 3 males : Spikey Kennels Mali Johnson and 2 other males… GR CH John was also bred to A.B.K’s Suska, the daughter of his full brother A.B.K’s Decko 2xw, and the result was A.B.K’s Johneya and one other female. After that John was bred to a double bred Boogie Son female called Bessy. The result of that breeding was 1 male and 1 female, then when the breeding was repeated it resulted in 6 females and 2 males but only 3 females survived, one of them is Greman O kennels Miss Kuwait. But the most interesting breeding was when two Grand Champions met, Gr Ch John and Gr Ch Elektra, one of the legendary females of the Balkans who won over 3 champions. Now the great Grand Champion John is retired, giving way to his offspring to represent him in the box, his offspring are well built with great personalities. Spikey Kennel’s Johnson is still on Abdullah’s yard and he will see if this dog can do as well as John did. Many dogs can be seen, but Gr Ch John is a once in a lifetime dog. Viva to the great Grand Champion John… we hope to see him as a ROM or a POR one day!

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